Nokia N95 / Symbian S60

This page and my Nokia N95 category and Symbian S60 category are exclusively for this brilliant phone and future Nokia smartphones. Over the past 18 months I have used and tested a multitude of applications, and lots of people have asked me, where can they find these applications?

My simple answer is “Google the phone!”  (Try looking on Google for Nokia N95 applications, search for Symbian S60 applications, read blog sites for the phone (there are plenty of them) or just visit the Nokia N95 dedicated support page and be prepared to install and uninstall applications, because it’s the only way you are going to find out about your phone. For me there is no other phone that can compare to the Nokia N95. It’s the best phone on the market, even better than the Nokia N95 8GB, and until someone can prove me wrong, and I don’t just mean in one area of mobile technology, because there isn’t just one area of the N95 that is superior (if I could use that adjective), there are many.

Note: If you install an application recommended from this page, you do so at your own risk. I have tested all of the applications on my Nokia N95. Some have worked really well, others have caused memory errors, some have made the phone really slow, so I have installed and uninstalled immediately. The only way you will know if the application is right for you is to give it a try out!

[28/02/2009] Coverage of this phone has now been terminated as I have a new phone. The Nokia 5800.

[16/01/2009] I downloaded this awesome python / S60 game called Jomtris. It’s a tetris clone and highly addictive. Below is my latest highest score, which took around 30 minute to achieve.


Jomtris (very addictive).

[14/12/2008] At present I have the following Symbian Applications loaded on my Nokia N95:


[31/10/2008] Found a cool site offering software for Nokia N95 phones. The website is called: Mobile Library.

[05/09/2008] I have recently installed Handy Shell onto my phone. A really awesome little application from the same people that brought you “Handy Calendar, Clock, Profiles, Converter etc.

The Handy Shell changes the look of the front screen by adding extra detail, a better a clock and quick access to six extra shortcuts. There is also extra functionality for the red button. Pressing it brings the old front screen back.

Holding the default task manager button down, brings up a new look task manager, which shows Remaining RAM, Remaining Memory on the phone and on memory card, and all the applications currently loaded in a simple menu. Something that is really clever, is the 3rd icon underneath my gmail icon (if you look at the image on the left). When a new text comes in, the envelope shows the number of new texts. It also shows the message in a little popup, without me opening messages.

[13/02/2008] I am currently using m-ticket (mobile ticket) to purchase my bus ticket. It’s not specifically for the Nokia N95, but all phones, but  I have added it here, because I am using my N95 for something new.

[09/12/2007] I received the final beta version of Samir Oueldi‘s Rotate Me (rotateMe_2_0_beta4_unsigned.sis). It’s really cool and it’s got some cool features this time around. If you want it, then please visit Samir’s website and donate to his cause, although as this is the final beta, I would assume the final release will be available soon. He has another cool app called Nokmote coming out soon. (I personally can’t wait).

Functionalities – Auto-rotation of the screen ( in portrait  (90 degrees) and landscape (180 degrees) )

NEW: A hotkey to activate/deactivate auto-rotation: Press pen + camera keys

– To reduce the battery consumption, auto-rotation is deactivated: * After a delay of inactivity defined in the settings * During a phone call (New in this beta: Also during dialing) * When the keypad is locked

– NEW: A user interface – NEW: Settings: * Sensitivity: Better than words, look at this schema:  * Reactivity: 30 (high): The screen will rotate as soon as the phone is in landscape / portrait postion (according to the sensitivity range) 0 (low): You have to keep the phone rotated for a while Low reactivity prevents unwanted rotation when the phone is shaked * Auto Start: Auto launch rotateMe at phone boot * Inactivity Delay: After this inactivity delay, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key to reactivate auto-rotation * Priority: High priority allow a better reactivity when big apps are launched * System App. : When activated, prevent rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions,

[24/11/2007] I finally received the Rotate Me (rotateMe_2_0_beta2_unsigned.sis) from Samir Oueldi and got to work getting it signed (else it doesn’t work). Here is a tutorial from GoSymbian (Quite a simple process if you follow instructions). I like Rotate Me a lot, and can’t wait for the final product. Well done Samir!!!

As you know the Nokia N95 is not cheap, and just imagine if it got lost or stolen, so there is an excellent application  called Phone Guardian, which protects your phone and your data from thieves by locking up the phone. If the thief swaps  out the sim card the phone still stays locked, and you can have a customized message on the locked window, to tell the thief to return your phone or else it will never work, (but if they don’t, then you can rest a sure that no one else will be using your phone or stealing your data).

What is really brilliant about Phone Guardian is that you can send a lock or unlock message to the phone, you can switch on or off a siren that makes one helleva noise via a simple SMS, and you can also request information regarding the location, user information currently using the phone (useful for the police and service provider for tracking the phone) all via SMS, and the phone will SMS you back the details. Bloody brilliant, well worth the £6 software fee. Highly recommended.

[18/11/2007] I was beginning to think I would not find an application today for the Nokia N95, but I hate to disappoint. Check out Sailing Clicker 3.5. It is remote control software that lets you control popular applications from a mobile phone (Nokia N95 Supported) or handheld computer through a user interface similar to a portable media player. Ever wish you could get a screenshot of your phone to a friend or online to show them what your theme looks like, or what cool icons you have, well now you can with Screenshot for Symbian. This application is just brilliant. If you want a list of Applications that others have installed on their phones, then look no further than “List 3rd Party Apps” from the N95 Users Forum.

[17/11/2007] The Light Sabre application has been upgraded again (LOL)… Clearly the guys coding this application are enjoying it as much as I have been. Anyway, you can download Light Sabre 1.3 from All About Symbian. (just click on that link and it will download).

[16/11/2007] Use your Barcode Reader to scan the left barcode below, so you can download the Mosh application. MOSH is a service by Nokia, providing a user-driven distribution channel for applications and other content for mobile devices. It enables you to create, upload and share your applications, games, audio, images, and video instantaneously. Or you can be a spectator, and just enjoy what other people have shared.

[12/11/2007] Do you want your own light sabre, click on that link to download the App to your phone (Phone Memory) and then download the RD Accelerometer (which is probably on your phone already, but there is no harm in installing it again). Once installed, you will see a Green Light Sabre application and  to activate it, press center button. May the force be with you!!!

If you listen to a lot of music on the phone, and hate the wired speakers that come with it, then I would recommend the following headphones (BLUETOOTH).

For the best Nokia N95 related sites look no futher than the following: All About Symbian, Darla Mack, Symbian in Motion,
Also take a look at the following:,n95,pocket,home

For themes and tons of applications: – (click into applications, and there are tons of applications).

For tips and tricks look no further than: The battery is pretty crap if you use it a lot. I would recommend buying the following: It’s a USB Mobile Device Charger. Very handy indeed.

Here are just a few applications that I have tested out and enjoy on my Nokia N95: I have DivX on the phone, so I can watch all my TV series on the phone while on the train. – Brilliant.

Shozu —> ShoZu gets videos and photos to and from the Web. Easily. Instantly. Shozu is amazing. You can take a photo and have it sent to any website, email address.

Widsets – Mobilize your web.

Google Mail – Email on your phone.

Messenger —> With Windows Live you can stay connected with Messenger and Hotmail.

FRING —> free mobile calls, live chat & presence over 3G or Wi-Fi!, go mobile with Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk,& SIP!, real mobile VoIP for freedom of choice

Google Maps