#126 – lookatbowen Confirmed 1 Unit.

Well I just checked on MPC Club and I see that the DViCo M6500a is back on track and I should have mine by the end of January or early February (I hope). I am talking about the network media player I have ordered through them. It’s meant to be the "dogs bollocks", and I can’t wait to receive mine (so watch this space for the review).

If you want to read all about it, then follow this link from AVForums (8 pages of discussions) or visit the MPC Club where you can find many topics on tit. Bear in mind that if you are looking for a similar player with the features it is offering, you are not going to find it in and device selling on the High Street.

I see that I am on the official list to receive one (which is great news, considering the MPC Club only purchased 350 as part of their buy-in scheme).

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  1. Hello.

    The images were released to celebrate the arrival on Monday of Emma Tallulah, the couple’s third daughter.

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