I found this great site today while surfing Guinnespig.net. It’s a web site for men & lesbians (Ah! the L Word ūüôā , which is definitely a word not banned on this site).

Anyway, the site is called BEER.COM and it’s got everything one could ask for, but what caught my eye was the Virtual Bartender.

Click to Enter Virtual Bartender Site

The idea is that you type in your order and the lovely girls do things for you. (well that is the hope… ha ha!). Give it a try, it’s quite funny. Be creative in your orders and you will be rewarded.

I also found the single girl version of Virtual Bartender.

If you must cheat then go to the next page.

I may have repeated some orders, but who cares. They have been copied off the internet. Full Screen Virtual Bartender 2 & Virtual Bartender 1.

Virtual Bartender 2
kiss, banana, pillow fight, fight, kick, sleep, jiggle, naked, tattoo, topless, jump, pour beer, drink beer, sing, stretch, dance, lick, hummer, wave, tickle, hat, strip, breast, dance on bar, be a pimp, magic, karate, robot, shoes, show me something, spin, read, write, hair, belly, gymnastics, fire, spread, pitcher, kiss me, hand stand, arms, phone number, I love you and laugh.

Virtual Bartender 1
change switch be
star wars fight
read playboy magazine
lick suck
pillow fight
exercise push ups aerobics
squeeze touch grab play tits bra boob rack feel
defend kick nuts man guy
cartwheel gymnastics
Macarena party
light fire
serve Budweiser beer pint ale
throw toss cap
hat tap
flex arm muscle
show butt ass tattoo
strip naked pants
kiss makeout
twirl spin
karate kung fu
magic rope
shoot draw gun
remove t-shirt topless
show me cans
touch toes shoes bend
wave hello hey hi
say write
phone number
rub head stomach belly
stretch dog yoga
pour give me head
coyote ugly dance on bar
jumping jacks jump hop
sleep lay
sing rap
shake jiggle
think math
laugh giggle
girls gone wild