£2 in Google Play Credit is one good reason to love Google. That will go nicely towards my next book or application or movie. There are other reasons to love Google and I recommend you keep reading. There is a way using your Mobile device to increase your Google Play Credit substantially and it costs nothing.


Google Play Free Money

The terms and conditions for the £2 Google Play Credit are as follows:

Offer ends 31 December 2017 and must be added to a Google Payments account by 31 December 2017. Once added, credit must be used on Google Play by 31 December 2017. Certain subscriptions excluded. Valid in UK only. Limit 1 per user. Must be a UK resident, have Internet access on a compatible device, and have or activate a Google Payments account.

Did you know?

Rewards APPThere is an app called Rewards, it is run by Google Opinion Rewards. The app runs surveys and on successful completion, they pay a few pennies for the inconvenience of answering the questions. There are never many questions, (I think the most I’ve ever answered was 5) and the whole process takes a few seconds. The survey ask about my interests or demographics based on my Google account and it is used to help improve the adverts they show users across the web. (e.g. the adverts they show me).

Google Opinion Rewards Reward History

Once the app is installed on your phone every couple of weeks or months one gets a notification to let you know there is a survery waiting to be answered. I got one today, funny enough after that £2 in Google Play Credit.

Notification on my mobile

GoogleOpinion Rewards are clearly feeling generous today. I won’t share the survey, but for the one question I answered, they paid out 6 pennies. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Every little counts towards those free apps, music, books or movies.

Thank you Credits earned