Gmail Drive

With 2Gb of free online storage for each account, Google’s GMail webmail service has already attracted thousands of loyal users, even though it hasn’t been officially launched yet. It didn’t take long for some enterprising soul to find another use for the service though. With GMail Drive, you can use your 2Gb mailbox as an online disk drive that you can access from any computer that has an internet connection – a great way to transfer files between the office an home.

If you haven’t got a GMail account, invitations are freely available at Oh! dear, that link does not work anymore, so you will just have to beg some kind soul for a GMail account. ūüôĀ



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2 Responses

  1. blank Ox says:

    I have 100 gmail invites, if any wants, cant get rid of em

  2. blank Mike says:

    that is the problem with GMail invites, but I guess you can use it to your advantage. I have. I am using them to backup my photos. Just in case there’s a fire or a theft at my host site. (ha ha)… It’s painstakingly slow, but worth it.

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