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I was told about this cool package called Logmein.com
Access your home or work computer from any web-enabled device, including a laptop or pocket PC – for true mobility, freedom and flexibility.

Visit customers, go on vacation or go home early and still have total control of your computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

Some other features of the PAY package are:

  • Remote Control
    Fully control the mouse and keyboard of any remote PC from a web browser.
  • File Manager
    Securely access, transfer and backup important files and folders.
  • File Share
    Easily share files – even those that are too large for email.
  • The only problem I have with this package is the price of $69.95 per year per machine.

    Are these guys on the herb?

    There are other excellent packages such as RealVNC or Remote Administrator and they offer similar features for free.

    BUT, after using it tonight to access my web server on another machine, and my work PC in another county, I must say it is pretty damm amazing, fast as hell, in fact it is faster than Ultra VNC and to date that is all I have used. So I will be using the free edition of logmein.com, which allows remote control only and Ultra VNC for file transfer.



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    1. blank Ox says:

      heh, I have been using logmein for some time now, infact its the way I can control the pubs PC’s in the UK, all the way from South Africa, pretty neat stuff.

      There is a free version of log me in, which is perfect for what I need, the UK’s internet connections are so reliable there, that I can control a 5 PC’s from the motherland here, good stuff :p

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