While driving home tonight I pulled up alongside this car and there on the dashboard was a Tom Tom, with a map showing the road ahead. Ok, I guess they are a good idea, but it got me thinking, why use a Tom Tom when you are driving to and from work? I see this chap everyday on the same stretch of road. Surely after one trip there and back he would know the route.

Ridiculously expensive and for what?

And it’s not as if there are multiple routes to work, for instance where we live, there is only one or two ways into work, so a Tom Tom would be a waste.

The only time I would say they would be useful, was if one went on a long distance trip, but even then, the whole fun of driving is finding your way, looking up place names on a map, getting lost, all of which is a damm side better than letting some computer tell you where to go. sure give these devices to women, who don’t know their arse from their elbow, but for men to admit they can’t drive without a Tom Tom is disgraceful and pathetic.

But do they really work? Your comments or views on this topic will be more than welcome.

I know of two examples where friends of mine have typed in the postal code of the destination, and then have had to stop and ask for directions. Ha Ha, that must have been embarressing.

I doubt I will ever buy a GPS navigation system (unless someone buys one for me, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” – That’s an idiom people), because who needs one when you have a live person sitting next to you, who can look at a map and tell you where to go, and two how can anyone justify the ridiculous prices these things go sell for?

No wicked weasel women were hurt in writing this article… If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you have not read the above article.



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8 Responses

  1. blank Ox says:

    Mike you sneaky little bugger 😉 nice link’age

  2. blank ATM says:

    haha, very clever.

  3. blank Mike says:

    I thought so too. 🙂

  4. Ok here is the thing

    I am a professional marine navigator, this what I do for a living.
    The tom tom sytem is something that enables someone with no skill in professional navigation to be able to go anyway (provided you have the correct maps) will no hassle.

    I studied for a year then had practical hands on training on systems a lot more advanced but essentially the same thing to get me to where I am now.
    Anyone who just walks in and uses this technology without training is a little bewilder by a conventional GPS.

    Tom tom is different, whilst I don’t like it and see flaws in what it can and can’t do, I can’t fault the unit. I does what it says it does. For that I give a Tom Tom unit 10/10.

    Well done lads you have brought practical navigation to the masses


  5. blank Mike says:

    Thank **** I didn’t ask for a essay. (Just a comment). 🙂

  6. blank Bevan says:

    Yes they do work, I have used one – more reliable than a womens directions! They would suit a sales rep, who are normally to busy cutting up other road uses to have the time to read a map!

  7. blank Mike says:

    Women’s directions are the best…. I mean where else can you have an arguement with a woman and be right?

  8. blank Chaminad says:

    As a owner of both the Garmin nuvi 260W and a Magellan 1412.. Both are very good unit.. Slightly different features, but still very good units.

    The Garmin does acquire a signal faster than the Magellan does, both have very large (but somewhat flawed POI databases), the Garmin CAN be updated over the Internet (Unlike the Magellan)
    The Garmin unit can be locked out to prevent unauthorized use (Unlike the Magellan). Admittedly this last feature will not keep the unit from being stolen, but at least the thief would not be able use it either.

    The MAgellan on the other hand has some very nice features also.. First the Emergency “Where am I ” feature pinpoints your location on the road with a precise location (Name of road, location between past and upcoming exits and Town/County names), The detour function is customizable unlike the Garmin where you can only detour and entire road, Magellan allows you to detour only a portion of the road..ie 2,3,5.. miles to get around traffic or construction. On the downside you can only get map updates on SD cards, thereby losing the use of the SD slot.. (If I’m mistaken about this pls let me know)

    Again both excellent units, both will get you to your destination just slightly different flavors

    Personally I chose the Garmin as my primary device

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