Beer and Biltong

What can one say about this? Doesn’t this look tasty? It’s been decided by me 😉 that an attempt will be made to replicate the delicious biltong in the photo. Yes folks, I will try and make my own biltong. I have researched the making of biltong on the internet, and I am pretty sure it’s not too difficult to make, provided the right ingredients are used and the correct steps are followed. I am sure there are many South Africans out there who have their two pennies worth on how to make good biltong… So let me know. I am told the best place to buy "Top Sirloin Butt" is Spitalfields Market, so a visit there will have to be arranged. I am also told the best time to visit is between 2am and 4:30am (Eeeek). The biltong attempt will commence on the 26th of December.



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  1. blank @â„¢ says:

    Good luck Mr B! Where are you going to dry it? You going to make a biltong box?

  2. blank Mike says:

    No, don’t be silly. you don’t need a biltong box. You’ve read too many internet sites. You can hang it up in your kitchen or dining room, and use a fan or the central heating (I am told, don’t hold me to that ;-)) – I’ve just eaten some biltong made by a South African living in Grays, and I can tell you it was the best biltong I have eaten in ages, and he didn’t use any fancy biltong box….

  3. blank @â„¢ says:

    Ha! it only tastes good, because as you say: “it is the best you have had in ages…..”

    make sure the cats don’t get anywhere near it 😉

  4. blank Mike says:

    Ha Ha! No in fact I’ve had the pleasure in eating biltong five times this year. The first was in South Africa in February when I went home for a week. It was ok, although a bit wet. Then I had some more when the family visited in June. It was delicious although had been flat packed, so had lost some of it’s taste, and had also been a bit fatty.

    The third time was two weeks ago at work, a colleague brought some in, direct from South Africa. Although I only had a small piece, it was pretty good.

    The other occassion was at the Springbok Bar in Covent Garden (Springboks vs France). This cost me £2.50 for a tiny packet, and it tasted like shit. For all I know it could have been dried cat droppings.

    So, when I say the biltong I had today was the best biltong I have eaten in ages, it means exactly that. 😉

  5. blank ox says:

    heh, mike, if you want some real biltong, ill have to post you some!

    But none the less, perhaps you can post some of yours back 😉

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