A good question to ask, considering Google has released Google Page Creator (Beta). If you have a Google account then you will be able to login and create your own custom web page. Google offer some templates and some layouts, but everything else is up to you. They give you 100MB space which is more than enough for even a complex web site.


Mike is an android man, researcher of all things good and bad, likes all wheeled sports, loves gadgets, enjoys all music, into home automation, likes samsung, voted brexit, enjoys talk radio, has a brompton bike, is a hard worker, a passionate self-educator, crazy about drones, a gambler, blogger for over 15 years, enjoys gardening, microsoft over apple, investor in stocks and cryptocurrency, a homeowner, a futurist, married for life, has family all over the world, a cat man do, loves beer, travel & life.

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  1. blank ox says:

    Hmmm, it seems pretty neat, I spose you just have to RTFM to get it to work properly 😉

  2. blank Mike says:

    Yeah! I set up some main blogs I would normally look at on a daily basis, and it is supposedly pulls the info into the reader. Will give a test this week with your site and Foo and Texass sites.

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