What’s that headline all about? Well I’ll tell you.

I took my Skoda Vrs to the dealer yesterday to have my wing mirror replaced (*it got vandalised on New Years Eve – Great neighbourhood I live in). Skoda also had to replace a broken fog lamp and a recalled gear cable and various other minor niggles I have had since owning the car. Anyway, I get a call yesterday afternoon to tell me all is fine and that I owe them £100 for the excess. No problem there. I offer to pay, and then get told there is a problem. The garage mechanics noticed (lots of oil) under the car, and when they went to move the car out of the garage the turbo wasn’t working…. (yeah! right).

What I want to know is how the hell do you blow a turbo engine in a garage? And isn’t it amazingly lucky that it blew while it was in the garage under the careful trained eye of a skoda mechanic?

Courtesy Car

So basically we have a Courtesy Car for the next N days, as they cannot tell me when the engine/turbo will be replaced, which is not major because the car they gave us in return is a brand new (Skoda Octavia 2.x TDI). It has plenty of power and is very comfortable inside. I will be testing out it’s turbo just for the hell of it. Pity about the big white letters on the side of the car. I would have prefered FAST CAR – BEWARE!!!



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4 Responses

  1. blank @â„¢ says:

    Haha! funny story! you might want to change the headline to: “Mr Bowen, we HAVE blown your turbo… ” and not “having…” hehe 😉

  2. blank Mike says:

    You cocky little ******, you obviously cannot read properly.

  3. blank @â„¢ says:

    haha, yeah, it must be me 😉 you better not wuss out on tomorrow either…

  4. blank Get over it says:

    A skoda … well I am surprised you didn’t notice there was no turbo to start with. And to say you have a skoda technician looking at it … more like a tractor mechanic …. get a real car sports fan

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