This is – without question – the best optical illusion I’ve ever seen…
If you stare at the image long enough, you should see a giraffe…
Optical Illusion

If you are into clever games then click here, I managed to get to level 5. Quite tricky. Has an excellent sound track at level 2.
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4 Responses

  1. blank [Texass] says:

    God dammit!!! Almost shat myself. *pops a couple of rattex tablets*

  2. blank Mike says:

    Ha Ha.. Told you it’s brilliant. I was thinking “aaah I love optical illusions”, and really moved up close to the screen to have a good look. I didn’t jump when it appeared, but it was surprising to see it… 🙂

    I have seen another that really freaks you out with a loud noise and a scary looking witch.

  3. blank ox says:

    I was expecting some scarey witch like thing to pop out at me haha

  4. blank [Texass] says:

    I have this disability not to be able to see those optical illusions. Stereograms I think. Where you have to cross your eyes and stare at a imaginary point in space. So I gave it my best, crossed eyes and this giraffe pops up and lifts his eyebrow. He prolly thought I was some weirdo.

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