This is very annoying. Why should we the poor consumer have to pay such ridiculous prices for petrol or diesel when the petrol companies (Esso, BP, Shell) are all making billions of pounds profit. It just doesn’t make any sense. The government should step in and say "No more price rises", but they won’t because they too are making billions on the increase of the oil price. Something has to be done before it’s too late. I rekon we need to NOT BUY PETROL FOR A WEEK. If you can hold out that long, it will cost the petrol companies millions and the government millions, and then hopefully they can bring the price down.


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  1. blank ox says:

    Yup, we getting an increase next week tuesday 😐 like 30 cents or something stupid KAK

  2. blank Pete says:

    So those geeks fiddling with their battery cars must be having a quiet chuckle to themselves.

  3. blank Get over it says:

    pommy git …. stop your complaining or go back to SA …. loser.

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