I got to apologize for the lack of blogging this week. I’ve been really busy on my other site Stuffonmydesk.com. I am working on a new site look, and it’s taking all my time. But it should be completed soon.
Anyway I am glad it’s Friday and it’s looking like the weekend is going to be HOT as well.

Another F1 weekend. Can Schumacher win three races in a row? My money is on that he can and permanently wipe that smile off Alonso’s face.
Can Schumacher win three in row?
It’s going to be difficult on Alonso’s home soil.



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6 Responses

  1. blank @â„¢ says:

    Of course he won’t bloody win! Should be good to see though 😉

  2. blank Pete says:

    Am I being thick or something?  What’s us with the two girls?
    Oh and by the way – Alonso will be further extending his lead in the drivers this weekend.

  3. blank @â„¢ says:

    As much as I hate seeing that Red (commie) bastard winning, I prefer him showing that snotty-nosed Alonso brat that he isn’t the dog’s boll0cks either.
    Pete – you have to click the image and enlarge it, to get the full effect!

  4. blank Mike says:

    I don’t think I need to explain the photo… If you are blind, that is not my problem… Every F1 site I have read today is saying "Alonso is not worried…", that in itself is worrying, because there has been no mention of Schumacher & ferrari. Is that because they (Renault) are so poop scared of him, or that Ferrari are not telling lies about their expectations of the race… I mean, Ferrari have nothing to lose, it’s not their home crowd (those 130 000 blue and yellow tickets), that have been sold.HA! – I hope it’s going to be an excellent race. May the best team win!

  5. blank Mike says:

    Doh! – Not good enough on the day (Scummie that is). But still the only other driver to put up a fight!

  6. blank @â„¢ says:

    HAHAHA, told you so 😉

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