Hey there World!
My holiday in Namibia is going well so far. We’ve spent two days in the Etosha Game Reserve. Have seen loads of animals, in fact in the first 5 minutes of entering the reserve, we saw two lion have a sordid sex scene. I had to tell my mother to close her eyes. It was shocking. A lot of moaning and groaning, and hissing. Poor bastard probably got it in the wrong hole, and almost lost his life because of it. I got some great film of it. we’ve also seen plenty of elephant, springbok, rhino, wildebeest, kudu, duiker, and about 20 different birds (secretary bird and the Corrie), which looks half the size of an ostrich. Been stuffing my face with dry wors and biltong. So getting plenty of energy food as well. Not too mention the WIndhoek beer.
Disaster struck this morning while at a watering hole. We got a flat tyre. I had to get out of the car, when you are not allowed too and change it. What a mission? You got to keep an eye out on the animals, or you become their dinner. Then after changing it, we found a garage with a very slow Namibian who didn’t know the first thing about changing a tyre, let alone repairing it. As for the price to repair, well he might as well done a rain dance in the front of the tyre. So Pete Poopies ended up patching it (me), and putting in a tube (doh! into a tubeless tyre), as that was the only way of fixing it.
So, today has been a bit of a waste. We are going to a camp site now where we will be sleeping in a tent on the roof of the 4×4, because there are lions and hyenas walking around. Too risky to sleep on the ground. Should be good fun. (Don’t read too much into the above).
Otherwise, nothing much has been happening. Been driving around a lot. Temperature (look away if you have a weak heart)….. 37C —> It’s so hot, you can piss on the ground and in 3 minutes it’s evaporated. (ha ha).
 Anyway, I’ll keep you posted when I can. Looking for an Internet Cafe is like looking for a needle in the haystack!


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