I got my Xbox 360 on Friday night at Argos, as they are doing a special at the moment (Full system + an extra wireless controller + Project Gotham  Racing 3) all for £297 , so guess what I have been doing for the past 48 hours? (not sleeping that is for sure).

I have it set up to our 32" HD Toshiba LCD. To be perfectly honest, it kicks arse, it is incredible, amazing, totally awesome! – In fact words can’t descibe how good it really is.

The Xbox 360 is not just a gaming console, it also has multimedia capabilities and can act as a media extender, which is one of the main reasons I bought it. On the back of the console is a network connection, which I am using to connect the Xbox to my broadband, that way I can make use of the online downloads, (of which there are hundreds), and the online game playing, not to mention chatting to friends, sending messages. I can even connect to my computers and access the photos, music and videos I have stored on them. It’s truly amazing.

Below you can see my gamertag, which is lookatbowen. If you want to join me in a game or send me a message you can do it via my online profile. Hopefully soon a couple of m friends will be Xbox 360 owners. I only have two games for now (Project Gotham Racer 3 & Blazing Angels). More to follow when I win the lottery. Good gawd the games are expensive! No wonder Bill Gates is a Billionairee!

One annoying thing, which is my only moan of the whole Xbox experience, is that if you want to watch videos in the following formats (Xvid, DivX or anything that is not WMV), the Windows Media Centre through the Xbox 260 will not read it. Doh! – It is really silly. This of course is a major bummer if you are downloading movies or tv series and want to watch them through your Xbox. Clearly it has frustrated thousands of people as well.

However, I found a fantastic application, which kind of solves the problem called TransCode 360, which enables the playback of unsupported video over Xbox 360 and Media Center Extender devices. You install this little application on the PC with Windows Media Centre and voila it allows you to stream those Xvid or DivX videos directly through your Xbox 360.

It works really well and is worth the FREE price tag, although consider yourself a LEECH if you download it, and don’t give the developer a donation.
23:37: See above where the text is crossed out, well I have changed my mind on that thought, in fact Transcode is damm brilliant. I watched two Prison Breaks and didn’t even notice the Transcode between the end and the beginning.

I have added a new category (Xbox 360) to the menu and created an Xbox 360 page (on the header), which I will be adding links to of sites offering tips, tricks, hardware, cracks, news, etc.

This whole weekend has been brilliant, except for when my lovely wife said "goodbye" and got on a plane and flew to South Africa for a two week holiday. At least I got my Xbox for company. 🙂



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