I downloaded Windows Vista RC1 (beta) last week, and decided to install it over the weekend. The installation went "surprisingly" well with no hicups. The operating system found all the correct driver and everything works. Well almost everything. My McAfee Anti-Virus didn’t want to work. It says it’s "not compatible".  Great!, I just hope McAfee realize this in their next update. Below is a screen shot of my desktop. It really looks good. I like the widget bar on the side, especially since you can have the latest RSS news feeds and a slide show of photos. It even picked up my village where I stay and shows the weather.

Windows Vista

I have already hooked up the media centre to my Xbox 360, as it’s got full media extender functionality built in and I can say it works really well. My current media extender does not work correctly with the Xbox 360 and I have to load 3rd party software to transcode the video files to the Xbox 360. Vista does it for you, which is quite impressive. One thing I have noticed is that Vista is memory hungry and having 512MB of RAM is ok, it works, but it’s a bit sluggish. My test machine has 512MB. 1GB would be more ideal, and if you’ve got more than that, then you will not have a problem.  So it’s upgrade time (shhhhh don’t tell Mrs. B).

Table TennisTalking XBOX 360, we have been playing Table Tennis. This game is very addictive. I made the biggest mistake and showed my wife the game, thinking she would take one look at it, and think "not her thing". Another mistake was to tell her that she would be crap at it, because it has a lot of buttons. We played the first game, and she was totally useless, and I thought (ha!), here is a game I could win at. Then she did the tutorial and after that I never won another game. (frustration).

The moral of the story: Don’t show your partner the game in the first place, that way you’ll never know how crap you really are.



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