Have you tried Winterbells by Orisinal.com yet? It’s a brilliant, simple yet very addictive and frustrating flash game. Basically you have to control the little white bunny with your mouse and make him jump on the bells. Every bell you land on, gets you points, and you move upwards into the heavens. Miss a bell and you tumble all the way back down to the ground and the game is over.

Lookatbowen's highscore 46620600

Every so often you will see a pigeon flying across the screen. Try and land on it, because it doubles your total points accumulated. I’ve noticed as well that the bells get smaller the higher you go. As you can see above I’ve been playing it quite a lot (ha ha). My high score so far is 46 620 600. Mmmm, I wonder if they will ever release this on the XBOX360?


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  1. blank Ruffle says:

    my highscore is : 1,827,994,475,260

  2. blank Matthew Corgan says:

    For the longest time I thought Winterbells was a Nintendo game at http://originalnintendo.net/home/2008/09/winterbells-greatest-non-nintendo-game.html

    haha but my highscore is 3,560,903,530. I can’t get enough of the rabbit.

  3. Its fun. Seems quite innovative to me.

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