It’s just a pity I can’t understand what they are saying about my site. I am sure one of my German/Austrian colleagues can translate it for me.




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  1. blank Pete Bowen says:

    How is one to be able to work on so a desk reasonably? (Photo:

    Meal remainders and Brandflecken: The most chaotic PC jobs

    Web-tap: Stuff on my desk (English)
    Picture gallery: Ten very unusual PC jobs

    Computer jobs seem to represent the center of the life with many humans. How differently is it to be explained that at the PC is eaten, washed and even slept? Frequently meal remainders and full ashtrays conference and for weeks stop on the desk. No miracle that the job zumüllt slowly, but reliably. But such a desk does not have to be covered with scrap iron and garbage necessarily, in order to work chaotically. Also dozens of Stofftieren and act ion figures let a job look often very strange.And then there are naturally also jobs, with which one cannot pinch oneself a Schmunzeln. Who attaches its PC monitor over the bed, in order completely relaxed in the horizontals works or to play to be able, at least a quantity proves imaginativeness. On the English-language Website “” hundreds of ekligen, strange and unusual computer jobs are presented. Ten examples find you above in the picture gallery.
    Hi Mick
    Here is a rough translation. 

  2. blank Mike says:

    This definitely looks like a Babelfish translation. blank

    But thanks anyway. I got my German colleague to translate as well, and that is roughly what it says. So many words to describe a desk. Aaaaa the English Language.


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