Well, I thought I would wait a few weeks before writing about the Nokia N95, that way giving me plenty of opportunity to test out all the features. This is my 2nd phone since deciding to upgrade my Motorola V635, after I returned the T-Mobile Vario II (read my review of that phone and the reasons why I returned it).

To date I’ve used the media player, the Sat Nav and the fast Internet on the Nokia N95, and have sent quite a few text messages, and I am just discovering Internet Telephony (wow! – free calls over the internet – Check out truphone) and the gaming capabilities. I know there is a 5 megapixel camera and video recorder, but I have a decent enough camera already, so that is just a bonus.

This phone has everything you could possibly want in a phone. I’ve even got my Gmail hooked up and sending an email is a doddle.

Did I mention super fast internet? It’s got the new HSPDA, which is 3G on steriods. I’ve used the phone extensively on the web and it’s just like sitting at your desk surfing the net. It’s even got a little mouse cursor and scrolling through the pages is a dream. You can rotate the screen as well, so using it widescreen is way better. It supports sites such as Youtube.com, Google Video, and all the rest, even the dodgy sites. Although I don’t know if this is a T-Mobile thing, but when I try and visit an over 18 site, it wants me to put in my credit card details to verify my age, which might be a good idea if you were under 18, but I feel it’s pretty damn annoying to think T-Mobile need my card details everytime I want to surf a more adult site. I am bloody 33 for **** sake. They don’t actually charge you, well they do, but credit you the money back once they verify your age, but still, they should be able to find these details from my contract.

It’s light at 120g, it’s hardly noticable in your pocket. It’s a got a cool sliding motion that goes up and down. Up for the keyboard, and down to reveal the media player keys, although there are also media player keys onscreen. You can listen to music while surfing the internet or even while playing a game.

If there was one disadvantage or bad thing about the phone then it would have to be the battery life. It sucks. This is a charge every day phone, or twice a day if you use the phone a lot. If you use the media player and the Internet together, then the battery lasts less than 4 hours,  BUT saying that, when you think about what the phone offers, it really is a minor problem considering you can buy a Nokia CA-100 Charger via USB port from Expansys for less than £15. This cable is brilliant. It allows one to plug into a spare USB port and it’s able to charge from the PC. Why not use the USB cable supplied? well, they have a separate power cable for charging. I guess there is an advantage, although I can’t really think of it right now. I know some phones have a USB cable that doubles as a charger and a headphone jack, but you can’t use both together… well on this phone you can, in fact, you can be charging the phone, be connected to a PC for file transfer and listening to your favorite music through your headset all at the same time. That is really cool, especially if you are sitting at your desk working. Another really cool thing the phone has is it’s own 3.5 mm jack, so you can plug in your own headphones. It also supports bluetooth headphones and the 3.5mm jack is also a TV-Out socket, so you can play your videos/photos back on a TV.

For the car, I bought a phone stand and car kit for £14 from Expansys that charges the phone while you are driving so there is never an opportunity for it to go flat.

I must say I was never been a fan of Sat Nav, but I’ll hold my hands up and say having it combined in the phone is a total pleasure and I don’t think we will ever use a map again (there I said it!). No lugging an extra device around in the car or in a silly little gay pouch. No sir, just slide the phone open and place it on the rest and you are ready to go. The software is really cool and has dozens of options you can search or find while driving. It’s even got voice commands and we have put it through it’s paces and it has yet to fail us. It supports a lot of countries even South Africa (not so backwards after all). We are heading up North to the Lake District in May, so will give it a real test.

Conclusion: Most probably the best phone I have ever owned. If you are a gadget freek like I am, this is the phone for you. Even the poor battery will not put you off considering the many ways you can charge it up. There are many brilliant reviews of this phone, For a proper review of this phone, take a look at Symbian Freak. There is a 13 page review and if you are not convinced after that then you don’t need this phone. Another excellent review can be found at All About Symbian. They have quite an extensive guide to this phone (Videos, photos, and an awesome review), and I see it’s updated regularly.

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