I can’t wait to walk into a pub, restaurant, public space and not smell stale or stinky cigarette smoke or see cigarette butts lying on the floor. Today is the last day in Great Britain, that the selfish smoker can light up in a public place. So you guys better enjoy it, because from tomorrow I hope you get fined. Maybe that will stop your disgusting habit.

For information on Smokefree England, check out the official site.



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  1. blank Dizzy Dee says:

    I wish this would happen in South Africa too – we have separate areas in restaurants for smokers / non-smokers, but I still find it appalling that parents are allowed to smoke in a car with their babies.  They’re exposed to it without choice from such a very young age. ūüôĀ

  2. blank Mike says:

    It is sad isn’t it? It’s almost like parents are playing GOD, becaues the kiddies have no say in the matter until later on in life, and then the damage has already been done, or the kiddie starts having the same craving for the disgusting addiction.

  3. blank Pete says:

    Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.  There are far worse things than having a cigarette.  What about the caring non smoking parents who let their kiddies stand on the passenger seat of their cars whilst they are driving.
    How many emails do you see doing the rounds where it says "do you remember when…" then goes on to list all the "so called horrors" that we as children grew up with.  Lead based paints, bicycle riding without helmets.  Hell, owning a skateboard in my day you had no helmets, knee pads or any of this other helath and safety crap being touted today.   
    Well it is the same thing with the smoking.  Yes, it is an unsocial habit that tends to piss off a lot of people but at the same time how many people do you know live to ripe old age having smoked seventy cigs a day.  For every cancer victim out there, there is another person just as healthy as the next bloke doing something even more incredibly stupid then the last bloke. 
    There are dangers everywhere you look and very soon laws will be drafted to prevented them from harming us.  The next thing you know people will have so cocooned themselves in all of this legislation that real freedoms which we celebrate today will be gone and all that will be left will be emails saying "do you remember when"

  4. blank Mike says:

    Spoken like a true smoker… you guys just DON’T GET IT. I swear the nicotine or whatever drug they got in cigarettes has clearly clouded your judgement.

    You’ve been killing millions of people for years and years and years with your smoke. (smokers and non smokers).
    You are just as bad or worse than an exhast pipe on a car.
    You’ve made bars and pubs into disgusting smelly holes.
    You’ve taken your dirty habit to all corners of the earth.
    How many thousands of hectres of forest, plantations have been destroyed by irresponsible smokers throwing their butts out of the car window, or onto a path?
    You guys are the worst litter bugs on earth. Not only do you pollute the air with your smoke, but you throw your butts on the ground, on the railway lines, on the road. Show me a road, path, patch that does not have a stompie lying on the ground.
    Just think of all that uncessary smoke going into the atmosphere, polluting the air, endangering not only human lives, but animals, insects etc.
    CO2 emisions melting the ice caps… KAK – It’s you bloody smokers.
    Plain and simple your habit is selfish, as smokers tend to only think of themselves.
    You cost the health sector billions and it’s us poor non smoking people that stomp up the taxes.

    Yes, there are many dangers we have to put up with, but having someone blow their toxic smoke into the same air that I breathe just takes it one step too far. Why should they, who gives them the right? Am I causing them ill health by not smoking… I don’t think so.

    Parents who leave their kids on the front seat while driving should be fined by all means,

    Lead based paint – Come on… it’s not affecting millions of peoples health, If someone wants to be a fool and drink paint, well let them. One less idiot, the better we will all be.

    Bicycle riding without a helmet… Pete, you are truly clutching at straws here.

    The bottom line is, you don’t have an argument. You’ve had hundreds of years to prove that argument and it’s clearly being deemed unhealthy and the rest of the Great Britain, Ireland, and many European countries agree.On a final note, I will remember the day when smoking got banished from restaurants and pubs in England. I’ll remind you next year but hopefully by then you will have realized that it’s a pointless execise and you’ll have given up and saved your self a small fortune. Mike

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