Right, it’s been quite a while since I posted any sort of "Bowen News", on our website. In fact I’ve just been looking back, and the only real news about us was posted on February the 9th, the day after we returned from a weekend in Rome. Which got me thinking, I hadn’t posted any photos of our trip. So I’ve just added a new Rome photo album in our Weekend Breaks Album.   We were pretty disappointed with Rome. The old city was awesome, but the rest of Rome was dirty, full of rude Italians, and expensive. I guess like most cities. We won’t be going back!

We bought a new car, well we traded in our Skoda Vrs (big mistake – I regret it now), and got a Skoda Sport (smaller engine – same colour – RED – because red is faster). The BIG IDEA was that we were going to buy a new house, so needed to save some money, but 4 months on, and we are no closer to buying a new house and now we have a slower car. And not having a sixth gear really sucks….

But it’s not that bad, considering we drove all the way to the lake district recently (mentioned below) and back and I managed to average 90 miles an hour, which is pretty darn fast (and I didn’t get any speeding tickets).

Jo passed her drivers license and so is enjoying her freedom.

I’ve been reading through the Selborne College – Class of ’91 website. It’s a facinating read to see what my classmates having been doing with their lives, what they are up to now, and how spread out everyone is. I can’t believe it’s 16 years ago since I walked out of those school gates. I also can’t believe that in all that time, I have probably seen 5 people from school.

As mentioned above, we visited the Lake District recently for a mini-break. Unfortunately the weather was kak (raining and cold). We stayed in the little town called Windermere in a lovely hotel close to the town centre. We did a lot of driving around the various lakes and also hired some mountain bikes and cycled around Lake Windermere, through the forests and along the little farm roads.

The highlight of our mini-break was a visit to the GO APE in Grizedale Forest. Basically it’s a whole load of Tarzan swings and rope bridges, zip slides and wires 40 feet in the tree tops, which you have to manoeuvre through. You are attached to a safety harness but free to do the various courses at your own pace.

We did the course on a Tuesday, so there were only a few people there, which was brilliant because it allowed us to take our time and enjoy the experience. All the photos are in a GO APE photo album, found in the usual place. We would highly recommend going ape, and if you enjoy the wind in your hair, getting a bit dirty or are an adrenaline junkie, you will love this experience.

Look what those nice people at Miniclip.com have brought out – Heli Attack 3. I’ve made played it a couple of times and it’s brilliant. I don’t know if it’s better than the first two games, but there is plent of variation. It’s got the most annoying sound track, which I only discovered could be turned off when I was about to quit the game. Doh!



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