It’s good to ask WHY sometimes, so here is a list of questions I’ve been wondering about…

  • Why did the police in Portugal and England not suspect the McCanns right from the beginning in the disappearance of Madeline? (Most abductions are family related).
  • Why have they been given so much TV coverage?
  • Why is this whole story BREAKING NEWS each day? (Surely there is better breaking news than this)?
  • Why are we still hearing about Charles da Mendez, X months after the London bombings? (There were other victims but all we hear about is him)?
  • Why is his family still in this country paid for by us the tax-payer?
  • Why does the British media not focus on South Africa anymore? (Crime, Apartheid in reverse, it is just as bad, if not worse now than it ever was), yet no one cares?
  • Why are we putting up statues of terrorists in Parliament Square?
  • Why is England so football mad, when their team is so crap.
  • Why are footballers paid huge sums of money when most of them sit on the bench injured or limp off the second they get tackled?
  • Why do they break their bones so easily, yet the rugby players play a lot harder game never break bones?
  • Why is there a facination over the Beckhams? They are the worst role models a society could have?
  • Why are the British fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? What good are they doing there?
  • Why do we have to fight other peoples wars?
  • Why is London paying so much for the Olympics, when that money could be better spent on transport, better roads, better houses, better life conservation?
  • Why are we letting in so many people from other countries that have no skills what so ever to offer England?
  • Why can’t we be like Australia and have a point system?
  • Why is there a lack of respect amongst the younger generation (not all of them, but 80%)?
  • Why is there so much traffic in London, even with the congestion charging?
  • Why is it that  the US has not caught Osama Bin Laden yet? (Could it be because he is living in the US as an American Citizen or on one of George W. Bush’s ranches)?
  • Why is London so expensive?
  • Why is 70mph the speed limit on Motorways?
  • Why on earth do trains in England stop running or suddenly become very late when it rains, blows, or snows? (How do countries like Canada, Sweden, Russia, France handle bad weather?).
  • Why can’t the media leave the ghost of Diana alone? The poor woman will never rest in peace!
  • Why can’t the government infiltrate Zimbabwe and take out Robert Mugabe?
  • Why are the English so fickle, for example, Lewis Hamilton bursts into the F1 spotlight, and suddenly everyone likes Formula 1. Before him, everyone thought F1 was boring, yet there have been many British Formula 1 champions before Lewis.
  • Why did Tim Henman not retire 5 years ago?
  • Why is George W. Bush still the president of the United States of America? If he is such an arsehole, why hasn’t someone tried to assassinate him yet?
  • Why is the US and UK spending billions of $ & £ to go to Mars, when the moon is just over there?
  • Why are our prisons so full?
  • Why don’t we bring back the death penalty? (a life for a life).
  • Why are we worrying about the climate so much?
  • Why are we not telling China to stop polluting the air with all their coal power stations?
  • Why has someone not invented a cleaner form of fuel?
  • Why is there no cure for CANCER, AIDS? (Is it because there is actually a cure, but governments around the world would rather sell you the drug to keep you alive than to cure the disease)?


Mike is an android man, researcher of all things good and bad, likes all wheeled sports, loves gadgets, enjoys all music, into home automation, likes samsung, voted brexit, enjoys talk radio, has a brompton bike, is a hard worker, a passionate self-educator, crazy about drones, a gambler, blogger for over 15 years, enjoys gardening, microsoft over apple, investor in stocks and cryptocurrency, a homeowner, a futurist, married for life, has family all over the world, a cat man do, loves beer, travel & life.

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