Another old bridge over the dirty Thames
With the massive credit crunch taking grip all over England and especially in London, and the untimely loss of our house (it blew over in the big storm last week), we have decided to get out while we can with the little belongs that we have.

Our pounds, which are slightly lower in value to the pounds in the city have been deteriorrating now for years. We have been playing the fool for too long thinking that our money would increase in value.

We have also noticed over the past few years that London in general is becoming like a 3rd world country or a cowboy capital (crime on the streets on a daily basis, knifing, stabbing, shooting, and there is no law and order (only on TV).

blankSo we will be back in South Africa on the 26th of July, which turns out to be exactly 9 years to the day, when we arrived in the country. We are not moving back to East London, but instead heading down to Cape Town, where it feels a lot like England, since most of Cape Town is owned by British and Foreign investors.

With the exchange rate at almost 16 to 1, I am sure we will be able to live like kings. We have bought a penthouse in the V&A waterfront, because it’s close to the heart of Cape Town.



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5 Responses

  1. blank dude says:

    You haven’t been back to SA recently have you, it’s not like the SA you left 9 years ago!

  2. blank Mike says:

    hey dude!

    April fools…

  3. blank dude says:

    hrmmm i suck, that was the second one i fell for! good to hear you are staying put!

  4. blank Ox says:

    lol, dude, if you hadn’t have put that bit about your house blowing down I could have taken it! hahaha

  5. blank Mike says:

    nothing like a good joke. I’ve got friends on facebook asking me ‘why i am leaving?’.


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