You’ve heard of Wikipedia the online encyclopedia and there is Sickipedia for the best jokes, well now there’s  Chickipedia – the wiki of hot women. (They even got cartoon women, which is just as well, because Mrs Bowen would freak if I put a sexy woman on OUR site).

The site is very cleverly done, with photos and statistics of each woman.


Mike is an android man, researcher of all things good and bad, likes all wheeled sports, loves gadgets, enjoys all music, into home automation, likes samsung, voted brexit, enjoys talk radio, has a brompton bike, is a hard worker, a passionate self-educator, crazy about drones, a gambler, blogger for over 15 years, enjoys gardening, microsoft over apple, investor in stocks and cryptocurrency, a homeowner, a futurist, married for life, has family all over the world, a cat man do, loves beer, travel & life.

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