There I was trying to install Windows Media Center 2005 on my iMac using the Bootcamp tool. The installation was going well until it asked me to "Insert the 2nd CD"…. I pressed the EJECT button on my Apple keyboard and nothing happens. That is because the "only eject button" on the keyboard is not recognized by the Windows installer.

I want to curse Windows for not supporting this option, but actually this is an Apple Mac problem since it’s their hardware that is not user friendly. Why have Apple not included a pin hole eject button on the iMac? (it would seem the logical thing to do). 

So, going no where fast because there is no way of ejecting the CD I had to abort. (Nothing like a wasted morning).

I have found a solution be it another typical example of how Apple want us to take 5 steps backwards to do a simple task.

The solution is to create a disk image and then to copy the two windows CD’s into the disk image and burn it and to use the one disk instead of two. Time clearly grows on trees for Mac Lovers. (ha ha).



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  1. blank James says:

    Strange my windows xp has only one disc. You should just stick to OS X! I have no problems with it at all, much faster then resource hungry Vista.

  2. blank Mike says:

    Well, this was Windows Media Center 2005, and it comes on two CD’s and there is a third Software Update disk. The process highlighted above or the link was spot on and it worked a treat.

    I don’t have Vista running, so can’t comment, but my Windows XP is running brilliantly now on my iMac. The bootcamp found all the devices, iView, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse etc… and it just works like it should.

    At least now if I want to eject, I have the added option of right clicking on the disc in Explorer and selecting Eject.

    I’ll be bashing OSX in my future posts, as now I have something to compare it against 🙂

  3. blank Anon says:

    Sometimes you have to press and hold the eject button for a couple of seconds before it ejects. Also if you go to Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utilities you will have the option to eject the disk

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