I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this weekend. This will be the first time in a month that I actually have a whole weekend to myself. All three previous weekends have been taken up by work.

Today is Independance day in the US. Let’s hope that alien spaceship with it’s big laser can take out George W. Bush properly this time. Wouldn’t the world be so lucky.

Remember the film Top Gun, that cheesy movie from the 80’s with Maverick, Goose, Cougar and Iceman and of course the very sexy Charlie played by Kelly Mcgillis?

or do you remember the catchy theme tune (anthem) that was played every time Maverick did something stupid like ‘a fly past‘ which Commander Mike "Viper" Metcalf gave strict instructions not to do.

Do you remember it? – Well if you don’t, then fear not as I know someone who can hum it for you (Hey James, is it ok if I give out your mobile number 07955 555 555).
Anyway, because it’s a holiday today for some reason XBOX 360 have released the Top Gun Theme tune for free to all Guitar Hero III fans. James and I have downloaded it already, and it’s pretty awesome. I just wish I was sitting in that cockpit, but playing a guitar and flying would be a problem. I’ve completed it with five stars already on Medium difficulty. It was a little tricky in the middle, but the rest is easy.  

Still on the topic of Guitar Hero, I bought the Aerosmith pack. It’s very cool, although there are only 41 songs, and most of them are not their main hits, which is a shame. The best songs for me is ‘Livin on the edge and Love in elevator‘. It is a lot easier that Guitar Hero III for some reason or other, although that is a bad thing, because it gives one a chance to tackle some of the harder levels.

Moving on… this weekend is action packed although if you can call Wimbledon in the rain action packed, then there is clearly something wrong with you. The Andrew Murray game the other day was exciting, but I can’t imagine another game like that this weekend.

There is also Formula 1 at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix (for how much longer Damon Hill)?

My money is on Kimi and Ferrari to hopefully ditch the bad luck and show the rest of the pack just how fast they are. Lets hope Massa doesn’t steal his thunder again and we can only hope and pray that the arrogant **** of an idiot in Mclaren only crashes himself and no one else. (Perhaps Lewis should swap places with his Daddy… although they are both accident prone). I read somewhere that they were on a yacht recently or in a race of some sorts and their yacht crashed into another boat before the race even begun. 

Saw an interesting article on the Idiot over at PaddyPower.com about his decision to live in Switzerland. It’s quite funny, you should read it.

Damn, I see Coulthard is planning to retire soon. That is a shame. Pity Button is doing the same. He has no future where he is at the moment.

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