Aren’t the Google logos good looking? They are so clever! I bet the guys/gals who design them get paid a fortune to sit around and come up with cool ideas.

Talking Olympics. Did you see the opening ceremony? I read somewhere all the dancers were practising their moves for a year to get it right. Talk about perfectionists. They even had a massive fireworks display a couple of days before to test everything out. That must surely scared the shit out of every animal in the vicinity.

Spare a thought for the millions of displaced chinese people who still don’t have homes after that earthquake a couple of months back. I wonder how they feel seeing all this money being wasted on fireworks and the Olympics Ceremony. I guess the UK will be in the same position in 4 years times.



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  1. blank Vibhore Benjamin says:

    yes i agree with you
    Google logos are always fun to watch.

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