14112008787So guess what we did this weekend, besides cleaning the house and watching two episodes of Dirty Sexy Money, one episode of Prison Break, and two episodes of Heroes? (and I think Jo bought groceries as well)!

Well let me back track slightly. I bought Guitar Hero World Tour on Friday evening from the Bluewater “Game” shop. I was surprised to see boxes of the game still in the shop. The pimple faced kid behind the counter blamed the Credit Crunch. Whatever!!!!

So Mrs Bowen became Tico Torres for one song, and I was Richie Sambora, and we battled through Livin’ on a Prayer. Not so easy thats for sure, the drums that is. It took quite a few attempts on easy, even after we swapped roles. I must say I battled to master those drum sticks.

The red, blue and green drum, pad or whatever you want to call it, is a pleasure to thump, but the two yellow and orange cymbels are hard and hurt like hell when you hit them. They are meant to be hit with force, but the shock wave you feel in your hands is not pleasant.

I’ll put it down to us not being use to the drum sticks, or perhaps we are holding them incorrectly or perhaps they are just crap. I did read somewhere on a review site, that it was recommended that we “go out and buy a pair of proper drum sticks“. They make quite a noise when one strikes the cymbals, but if the music is loud enough, I am sure the neighbours would just think that we are hammering all day long to loud music… Ha Ha!!!

I have mixed feelings about the drum kit overall. I found a similar review to my thoughts on IGN. Although I don’t feel like it will break if too much force is applied. It’s just those cymbals. But overall, what good fun to play all these awesome songs? I downloaded the latest Bond theme, and that is a bastard to play. More practice needed Bowen!



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