Grrr, no Matter box again today!   How very disappointing

To show my disappointment I came up with some extra words to the song “No matter what”. I hope you like it!

No matter what ( tells me.
No matter what they do (comment, email and make more promises and excuses).
No matter what they teach us (Matter teaches us to hate Royal Mail and to wait patiently for little boxes).
What we believe is true (Yup Matter & Royal Mail screwed up my delivery).

No matter what they call us (desperado’s for waiting a year for a box of ????)
However they attack (well they emailed me at least 4 times over the year promising a box of matter)
No matter where they take us  (yeah! they take us as fools).
We’ll find our own way back (I won’t be finding my way to the site again).
I can’t deny what I believe (The matter box is not going to arrive through my letter box).
I can’t be what I’m not (well I won’t lie, the box never arrived and that is damn annoying).

I know I’ll love forever I know, (well I certainly won’t be loving the matter box).
no matter what… 🙁

Oh well, no review of the matter box, so instead here is a cheesy video of Boyzone singing the above words in black.

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  1. blank Andrew Meyer says:

    Absolutely brilliant Mike! Matterbox contains a lot of crap that you’ll just throw in the bin, so no real loss.

  2. blank Mike says:

    Perhaps I should change the line:
    No matter what they call us (desperado’s for waiting a year for a box of ????)


    No matter what they call us (desperado’s for waiting a year for a box of crap)

  3. Hi again,

    I trust you’ve emailed so that the problem is logged? We will rectify any problems bought to our attention..

    The vast majority of people have received their boxes. Unfortunately the occasional error/delay happens sometimes when posting a large volume – human error – there is no way to stop it in any process that humans are involved in.

    I’d like to think we’ve done things right by being open and honest with subscribers and providing you with frequent communication in the form of emails (which cost money every time we send them, so we don’t do it lightly). As always we’re very open to suggestions as to how we should do things differently in the future. This also applies to the content of Matter – I hope that you leave us some feedback as to what you would like to receive next time Andrew.

    Matter really exist to try to do things differently and better for all concerned – advertisers to connect with consumers in a meaningful way, and for consumers to have an alternative to being barraged with a stream of advertising which is pushed on them and they would prefer not to be subjected to. Matter is requested by consumers and really is shaped by its subscribers – whatever we hear they want, we feed into planning for the next box – both content and process.

    I understand your frustration at not receiving your Matter and am doing everything in my power to get boxes to the unlucky minority whom did not receive one. I can only apologise. Please let me know if you have any ideas how we could improve the process/experience next time.

    However you are of course free to unsubscribe at any time if you feel that Matterbox just isn’t for you. That’s the beauty of the concept – its entirely opt-in communication. We definitely have no desire to push our product on anyone who doesn’t want it and the last thing we want to do is irate anyone.

    Kind regards,
    Warren @ Matter

  4. *’irate’?….well, maybe….but I actually meant to type ‘irritate’.

  5. blank Mike says:

    Hey Warren,

    I did the right thing and emailed Matter, as I accept that things can go wrong. It’s quite feasible that my “Matter Box” was:

    A) Never sent out to me.
    B) Stolen by someone long before it reached the Post Office, who has also waited a year for their matter box.
    C) Stolen by the sorting guys at the Post Office who have also waited a year for their matter box.
    D) Stolen by my post man who has also waited a year for his matter box.
    E) Destroyed by my wife who is sick and tired of hearing about the matter box. (I wouldn’t put it past my darling Jo, I really have gone on and on and on and on and on about it 🙂 ).

    Aye, so there is a next time? (Another matter box!!).

    I have waited this long, I am willing to wait again, so there is no way I am opting out now!
    I am still keen. I signed up originally because of the uniqueness of the idea. Don’t get me wrong, it’s disappointing not receiving it, even if it’s a box of junk or not… (to some)…. I can’t comment for obvious reasons. 😉

    Thanks for your lengthy email. I can see someone cares deeply about this.



  6. blank Mike says:

    Wow Wee, my MATTER box just arrived (5 days late), but it arrived.

    Warren, thanks for doing everything you could to get this to me!


    Although the contents are quite a let down.

    Never Matter!

  7. Glad you finally got your Matter…………..(Phew!)

    As for the contents – seems some love it, some hate it. All I would say is that if you take the time to answer even a few of the questions on the website, we are goingto weigh up the love/hates for different items and the comments people leave – we will then be presenting this back to the companies who are involved with the next Matter, so they can hopefully make produce something most people will enjoy.

    Warren @ Matter

  8. blank Mike says:

    Cool, I will add my two pence worth on your website.

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