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That is what the Liberal Democrats are doing for our community and for once I support their cause. At least someone is standing up to Southeastern Railways (our crappy train company) who are putting up the rail fares by 10.7% in 2009, which is totally ridiculous considering their service is SHIT!

Our station, which was replaced with a brand new building is incomplete. It doesn’t have any facilities such as toilets, chairs along the platform. It has been poorly designed with little or no protection from the wind, cold or rain. There are meant to be lifts, but they are blocked up. They keep making promises that things will be sorted out, but they are way past their deadline. The station has been a disaster area for over six months and there is no sign of a completion date.  The trains are always late or cancelled for no apparent reasons. Most times there is little or no communication. The service is just dire and South Eastern Railways have a massive cheek to put up the fares, especially when everything is rocketing in price around us. – Train passengers to face massive price increases.



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  1. blank Mark says:

    Firstly, Southeastern do not control rail fares to the extent you think. Network Rail and the government raise charges and southeastern have to raise their fares in accordance.

    Secondly, the increase in fares is due to a discount of 10% that has been in place for a number of years so it’s not an actual increase, it’s just the stoppage of a discount.

    Thirdly, if you have a complaint about the service you’re being provided you can always email and they will attempt to deal with your issue… I’ve never found a time that if a train is cancelled, the reason has not been explained in brief over the tannoy but if you feel that explanation is not enough then you could always ask a staff member…

    I travelled on the same line as you for many years until last month and apart from the annoying weekend engineering works (which is Network Rail, Southeastern have no say in the matter!) the service on the line has always been abopve average.

    I’ve just moved to a Southern Rail line, and if your this upset by Southeastern, you’d probably kill yourself with their service!!!

  2. blank Mike says:

    Do you actually think complaining to the customer services at South Eastern Railway is going to make any difference?

    It’s almost a year since the above post, and their service is crap. For the £179 that I pay every month it’s day light robbery.

    SouthEastern are always delayed, or have problems in the Dartford or London Bridge area. In the past 3 to 6 months the amount of times I have caught the 7:43am to Cannon Street and arrived at Cannon Street past 9:19am, I think I need about 4 pairs of hands to count them all.

    South Eastern or the Government pushed up the prices by the most percentage of all the train services in the country because they have to fund the new Fast Rail between Ebbsfleet and St Pancreas. We are paying for that line through our local train services. The joke is if we want to use that new fast train, we have to pay even more for the ticket, instead of saying we get a discount for already paying the most for our tickets.

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