Yup you guessed it, yet another false start as my Matter box did not arrive as planned on the 6th of December. It is clear that the Matter teams confidence is let down horribly by the people who are delivering this product to the chosen ones.  No surprises then when I read it’s Royal Mail.

Fortunately I didn’t sit around waiting for the box to arrive as I have better things to do with my life.

Just like the hard drive that was meant to be delivered on Friday before 12pm from (another company that make promises they cannot deliver on, hence the reason this will be the last time I ever purchase stuff from them again). They even sent a sob letter apologising for the lack of delivery. Again, I am quite sure Royal Mail had something to do with it.


The only thing going for the Matter box team is that I have yet to purchase anything from them. 🙂



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  1. blank Warren says:

    Sorry to hear about your Matterbox not arriving. Please can you email giving your details and stating the problem?

    It may be one of two things; (1)A problem with our data-list which for some unknown reason means you were left off of the mailing list, or (2)A delay in the Royal Mail pipeline. To be fair Royal Mail do state that they have around a 98% success rate at delivering first class mail the next day – however, with such a large volume mailing, this could work out to mean that as many as 6,000 Matter subscribers recieve their Matterbox a little later than we stated/hoped they would…..On reflection, we should have made it clear that this was a possibility – it hadn’t occurred to us that such a large number would be effected despite Royal Mail’s high success rate – you live and learn.

    Promise that we’re taking every bit of feedback from subscribers and feeding all back into our planning for Matter II next year.

    Thanks for mentioning us nonetheless and hope we can sort out your Matter ASAP.

    Kind regards,
    Warren @ Matter

  2. blank Mike says:

    Mmmm, a mailing problem. Can’t be? I definitely confirmed my details about a week or two ago, and got your email on Friday saying it would be there, got all excited again after the long wait, and alas it never arrived.

    But I am going to give the Matter team a chance and go with your option 2 (Royal Mail) as you may have read in my post, Royal Mail have let me down twice in one day already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s down to them again. I have sent the Matter team an email.

    I see you are replying to everyone that has commented on the Matter box, and that is a good thing. Shows you guys care about your product. Something I wish more people did these days!

    If and when I get my Matter box, I promise to write about it!

    Kind Regards,

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