bestofthebestHow often do you unsubscribe from email newsletters? It seems I am constantly doing it and weeks or months later the buggers send more junk. So I don’t believe for a minute that these companies are unsubscribing me. As a test, I am going to monitor Best of the best, because I have unsubscribed a few times now, and they keep coming back like a fly to a turd.

Best of the Best plc are a listed company on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. We have been trading for over 6 years and have given away over £8 million of cars to over 200 winners….

Who cares who you are, stop sending me bloody emails. I don’t want a super car or whatever you are giving away as a prize. If I remember correctly I was suckered into taking a ticket or 3 at Gatwick airport over 2 years ago. Whenever I fill in a form where it asks “do you want to be contacted in the future for promos or new competitions”, I always say “NO”. But I don’t think anyone ever takes any notice of that.

Thomsons Holiday is another company bombarding me with junk email. So I have unsubscribed from them as well.




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  1. blank Neil Cooper says:

    I get the BOTB emails too but haven’t bothered unsubsribing. Another email landed this morning (30th Jan 2009) so if you didn’t get one then you have probably managed to successfully remove yourself from the listing.


  2. blank Mike says:

    I have looked back, and you are right, I didn’t get that email… although got one yesterday… although i don’t think it’s related to my previous bombardment.

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