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  1. blank Alex says:

    Great explanation. very helpful. This saved me to go to the garage 2 days before Christmas! Thank you

  2. blank Simon says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Mike. Exactly the same thing happened to me, except I thought I’d done everything right. Screen wash full had anti-freeze in it, had cleared ice from the windscreen, but still, minus 6 temperature caused them to stop working. I also checked the front wiper 20 amp fuse and it was fine, would never have thought of number 15, but it was that one that had blown. Less than a quid for a pack of three, marvellous! If I could buy you a pint I would, but instead I now have enough to buy myself one. Cheers!

  3. blank Mike says:

    Hi Simon,

    It’s a pity someone has not invented a postal beer system yet 😉

    Glad to be of assistance.


  4. blank Ros says:

    Had the same problem today and yep looked at fuse no 4 first. Thanks for the tip – it was fuse 15 that has blown.

    Swapped it with the rear wiper fuse as a temporary fix until I can get to the shops and the car runs fine.

    Thanks again.

  5. blank Gerard says:

    This worked for me, thanks for the information.

  6. blank Alan says:

    Thanks a million for sharing your experience. Same symptoms for me – wiper motor and washer no sign of life. Fuse 15 it was; saved me tearing into the stalk switch and getting very frustrated at missing the fault.

    Arise Sir Mike!

  7. blank Vikram says:

    Hi Mike, In my case 20 amp fuse (front wiper fuse) is blowing up that too when pulling the washer spray lever. The wipers work fine if i don’t use the jet.Could you pl check and let me know. Should i check the 15th fuse??

  8. blank Vikram says:

     I checked fuse 15 is fine, but what i noticed is when i pull the lever whole battery load is diverted to pulling the washer spray pump switch and inturn the fuse started melting.hope there is no risk of fire.can you please tell exactly what could be the problem.!!

  9. blank teresa hardiman says:

    I love you, I am a women ( yes women) and was of to the garage tomorrow to get ripped of!!. I have just run out side and done as you said ( as I also had tried 41) And all is working yippee.
    But just read on about taking the fuse from somewhere else, and yes I have taken it from the interior light….So tomorrow when it doesn’t start I will know why… You are wonderful thank you x

  10. blank lookatbowen says:

    I aim to please, glad it is sorted out the problem.


  11. blank Nigel owen says:

    Thank you for this. I did exactly the same and checked/replaced fuse 41 then told the daughter to book the car in the garage. luckily I read your post a couple of hours later and ding Dong problem sorted. Again thanks

  12. blank Mike says:

    I am glad it helped you out.

  13. blank paul godby says:

    Top Man, saved me a lot of headache. Thank you

  14. blank Tony says:

    Hi there My front wipers stopped working the other day in the rain, so checked the fuses all good. Took it the garage and they checked fuses and tried new motor in it but still didn’t fix it. My window washer still works it’s just the wipers that don’t any idea on this problem? Thanks

  15. blank Mike says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know what the problem could be Tony. It’s been 11 years and two vehicles since I owned a Skoda and this post was about fixing the front wipers when the fuse had blown. If it is not the fuse, then it could be something more hardware related to the wipers. Good luck!

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