I found a cool Nokia 5800/N97 widge called Q Search which was created by Russell Beattie. You can go and download it at Russell Beattie’s Weblog. It’s essentially the Nokia HTML search tool with some added shortcuts, and it is these shortcuts that make the whole search experience a lot better.

scr000066-wince1For example: I want to search “Go Ape” and I want to see all the “videos” people have taken. Normally one types that in the search tool and the results are a mix of videos, news, blogs, websites and you end up scrolling through loads of useless links. Not anymore if you use the Q Search widget.

So I load up Q Search and type in: “v go ape” and Q Search gives you all the Youtube Videos as results. It seems to only gives you Youtube video results, which I can live with as I use a lot, but I guess if you are not a fan, then this widget is not for you, but don’t forget about all the other options.

Other shortcuts that can be used before your search word are:

Google (g), Wikipedia (w), YouTube (v), Google Images (i), Twitter (t) and Definr dictionary (d).

I think it’s a brilliant application / widget and a must have for both the Nokia 5800 & N97.



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  1. blank kaedinger says:

    SeekBert, the definite search widget for Nokia N97 and the like has just been released in OVI store. It supports ~60 search and translation sites, automatic home screen news and result updates and contains an RSS reader.

    Look no further, it’s here:

  2. blank Tommy says:

    I love the look and feel of the Nokia N97. This is probably the best phone that i ever bought, the other best phone would be the iPhone.

  3. blank Mike says:

    Please don’t mention the iPhone on this site. You can’t compare an iPhone with a Nokia Smart Phone. The iPhone is not a smart phone. Smart phones like the N97 can do multiple things at one time. The iPhone can’t, which is why it’s not a great phone.

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