I thought I would see how many applications I can open at one time on my Nokia N900 since it’s supposedly one of the best devices for multitasking.

To make it a little more interesting, I have open various applications namely;

  • My browser bookmarks page,
  • a couple of (IM) instant message (three separate screens)
  • two fairly large websites with lots of images (www.wilkinsonsworld.com) and (www.expedia.com – I did a search for holiday appartments in New York city),
  • RSS Feeder application showing the latest headlines from Maemo, Twitter and BBC News.
  • Twitter website,
  • My blog (lookatbowen.com – edit comments screen),
  • Application manager showing all available applications,
  • Media box – 3rd party multimedia player – was listening to Clive Cussler – Dragon Audio Book,
  • File Manager,
  • Conversations window showing various IM and SMS messages,
  • SMS screen to my Mom,

The N900 so far is working like a dream. No sign of slowing down, so I thought I would open a few more applications.

  • OVI store website, did a search for Firefox and downloaded it,
  • FAQ screen is a help screen for something,
  • The default media player playing Counting Crows.

  • Firefox browser showing our website,
  • File Manager application showing the screens above and below,

  • Witter (a twitter application),
  • Vagalume (Last.fm player).
  • MaStory (blogging tool).
  • Email announcement.
  • SMS announcement.

One awesome feature of the task bar is that each of the mini screens are a real-time image of the actual application. It is bloody awesome!   At this stage I was running out of things to open, and after calculator the N900 finally started to show signs of slowness. Well it was a very clear sign – an error. (ha ha).

  • Calculator,
  • Calendar,
  • Address book,
  • Notes,
  • Buddy list in Pidgin,
  • A game of chess.

I think I have made my point. I challenge any iPhone owner to show me a similar test!



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