We awoke to a bright clear blue sky morning. Unbelievably bright because of all the snow covered mountains surrounding Courchevel 1850. We had a very filling breakfast of croissant, cereal, yogurt, orange juice and coffee. One thing we can’t fault is the breakfast. It’s brilliant and the ideal way to start the morning.

We picked up our skis from the underground locker and walked up to the slope. It felt hot as there were no clouds so we quickly remove any extra clothing. We have these brilliant little backpacks that are light and they have a water bag in them. The bag holds about 1.5 litres in them and are ideal for drinking on the slopes. We did a nice long green run starting at the top of Jardin Alpin running down to Courchevel 1850. At 12pm we met up with a new ski instructor called Jean Ives, with 40 years of experience.

He followed on where Stefane left off yesterday. We did a few more snow plow turns, then a few curve turns, left and right turn jumps, which were tricky to say the least. Then we learnt how to turn keeping the skis parallel. Jean Ives was again very friendly, patient and helpful. We would definitely recommend private lessons for beginners alike.

After the lesson we took a timeout at the Courchevel centre, where they have free WIFI, so extremely useful for catching up on email and blogging.

We then took the Verdons lift up to Verdons and left our skis and poles against a fence. We then hopped onto one of those great big square ski lifts that holds about 50 people and rode up to the top of Saulire. At 2738m the view are pretty spectacular or incredible or awesome! Of course there are people dropping off the edge to ski or snowboard down it. We call them insane. Ha ha.

We had a very late lunch in the restaurant on top of the mountain. A self service joint where everything was ridiculously over priced. We have discovered that beer or coke, regardless of the size of the bottle or can is exactly the same price. At this place it was €5 each. On top of that we had spaghetti bolognaise and two beef hatches with chips. It cost a wopping €40.

After been robbed we headed back down to Verdons and opted for another green run called Renard where we put everything we learned from Jean Ives to the test. It was great fun carving through the snow. Neither of us managed to fall once. We headed back to the hotel satisfied of great days skiing. The hot shower back at the hotel was a welcome feeling to our aching legs and feet.

Afterwards we went back to meeting points at Courchevel 1850 and watched a fantastic show on the snow to music, lights and fire. They had skiers flying in on paragliders, hang gliders with flashing lights and all the ski instructors coming down the mountain holding fire lights. Quite spectacular. The show ended with a great big fireworks display.

Finally we ended the evening at a pizza restaurant. It was reasonably priced and the ambience was very romantic. Walking back to the hotel an evening wouldn’t be rememberable if there wasn’t some sort of accident or drama. Ha ha! Jo was telling me she had not hurt herself yet when suddenly she slipped on the ice and in the process of falling on her arse she managed to punch me on the nose. We are still trying to figure out how that happened?



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