In the five days that we have been in Courchevel 1850, we have had clear blue skies, rain, overcast with snow and today we had total white out. We watched the fog/mist roll into the valley this morning and thought it would lift by the time we got on the slope. How wrong we were?

Visibility was about 10m and it made skiiing very difficult. Nevermind that we were tackling blue slopes, it was the ‘not knowing what was ahead of us’ that caused concern at times, especially when the slopes dip off or drop steeply. Added to the fog/mist it began to snow. We got lost a few times and even got split up once, which was a little scary. Thankfully we had walkie talkies at hand.

Today (Thursday) was much like yesterday, we were determined to do as many blue runs as possible, so plotted out our route beforehand. We started at 1850 and took the Jardin Alpin lift up to a blue run called Biollay. A short run down to a six seater chair lift at Pralong. Then up the top of Pralong and down past the Altiport (airport). Believe it or not they have a tared runway where light aircraft and helicopters take off. Quite popular as aeroplanes are taking off and landing all day in rain or snow.

Once past the airport there was a lovely long blue run through the forest to Prameruel. We took the Roc Mugnier chair lift up to the Grande Bosses blue run. By now it was snowing quite heavily and it made skiiing a pleasure.

We skied all the blue routes and eventually ended back at Bel Air, this magnificent meeting point / restaurant on top of the mountain. It was cold and we hoped to sit indoors but the place was packed with people, so ended up sitting outside on the deck in the snow. It was then we noticed the snowflakes. They say all snowflakes are unique. Well, we filmed loads (we shall insert some macro shots of some snowflakes at a later date). The snowflakes were impressive. We had a lovely hot meal and then headed back towards the altiport, where it was really foggy. Even the lifts had been stopped. We took a few wrong turns and ended up having to take lifts back to the top. Frustrating when one is only trying to go down.

We never got to sled down to Courchevel 1550. That is now planned for Friday night.

As the weather was so bad we headed back a little earlier and decided to go and watch a film at the cinema. There was only one film showing and it was Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Robert Downey Junior as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr Watson, what a brilliant film?

There were parts in the film that had not been researched that well for example; there is one scene that Holmes and Watson are under the Houses of Parliament in the sewer and Sherlick Holmes is running after someone and suddenly they end up on a construction site, that is Tower Bridge. Not exactly close to each other. But we enjoyed the film and the cinema was awesome, with lovely large chairs and beautiful, clear, surround sound.



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