Four races into the 2010 F1 calendar and Michael Schumacher has started to make progress by finishing in a comfortable 4th place at the Spanish Grand Prix. He made up two places and successfully fended off Jenson Button for most of the race. After passing Jenson coming out of the pits. Jenson was fast asleep approaching the 1st corner and Michael was quick and decisive. This is what Jenson had to say after the race about Schumacher;

I didn’t really know where Michael was on the outside of me. He turned in and if I didn’t back out of it we would have crashed. So he didn’t really give me a lot of room there. There you go, you’d think with his experience he would know. It wasn’t really the right move.

Poor old Jenson Button. He was looking for a scarlet red Ferrari, that is why he didn’t see Schumacher. Jenson, if you can’t take the heat or the experience of a seven times world champion passing you, best you get use to it quickly.

Jenson didn’t have the guts to pass him back and made silly attempts throughout the race. He needs to face reality, just like the rest of them, that Michael is there to race and pass people, not be soft and polite on the race track.

Old Eddie Jordan has also started to change his tune on Michael Schumacher. Remember what he said when he heard Schumacher was coming back to F1;

Schumacher ‘out of his mind’ and has ‘no hope’ of F1 title.

In fact even Jonathan Legard is sounding a bit like the previous biased ITV commentators, with his Michael Schumacher comments. He kept asking Martin Brundle if Schumacher is taking control of the team, of course Brundle is too wise to talk against a driver that is clearly as good as the best at present.

I smell fear starting to creep into the F1 paddock. No one, including Schumacher said he would come back and in his first few races be competitive and winning, and I am not saying that either, but this was the 4th race of the year and he has clearly turned a leaf by out qualifying his young team mate (who has won nothing in F1) and beating him with ease in the race today. It won’t be long before Schummie is back on the podium. Once Mercedes and Brawn get that car up to speed, they will be challenging Alonso, Hamilton, Webber and Vettel. Don’t ever rule Schumacher out.



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