It has only been three days since I ordered the Mede8er from Digital Era and  when I got home today, there it was on the table alongside my repaired Xbox 360.

So this post will be an “unboxing” since it seems to be “the thing to do” these days for gadgets. There will be no video, as I am not vain enough to hear my own voice, so you are only getting a few photos.

Box contents:

  • Carry bag (nice touch),
  • Full colour manual,
  • Euro Adapter plug, power plug with fuse (wow),
  • Batteries, Remote Control,
  • Screws and vibration sponges,
  • Stereo RCA cables (video, audio),
  • HDMI cable (nice),
  • Composite video cable,
  • USB cable, extender cable for USB hard disks or USB keys,
  • Mede8er with removable under cover, SATA power supply cable, SATA data cable.
  • Western Digital 2.0TB SATA II Hard Disk (not included but displayed).

The box is fairly colourful with a lot of it’s features scattered on the front, back and sides. (a lot more visual than most commercial devices would show on their boxes). There are also colour photos of various screens, the remote control and the mede8er case. There are six languages listing the features as well, so it’s aimed at quite a broad international community. With the box open I can see two sections. The media player itself is wrapped in plastic and is surrounded by a protective sponge thingy and there is a half sized box containing all the cabling, remote control and manual as described above. I would give the packaging 10/10 as it perfect.

I’ve taken a few more photos of the box contents. They can be found in my photo gallery or by clicking on the image below.

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