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  1. blank Dennis says:


    i got the same message at overair download..
    so wanted to update but never used nokia PC suite, so i installed that.

    Next i made a backup and now i use the software from my pc and now it says that the usb isn’t connected good enough or my internet is too slow..

    can you help me?

  2. blank Bort says:

    does not work for me :s it always says it can’t updrage in step 3 :s help?

  3. blank fwk says:

    I am updating my N900 using Nokia Software Updater. It stops at a certain point (at 6.3MB) and then shows error message of slow connectivity.

    Inspite of good connectivity, When I try again it resumes from 6.3MB and immediately throws the error. I tried reinstalling NSU but didn’t help.

    Is there any way to clear cache of NSU??

    or any other suggestions?


  4. blank Mike says:


    When staring up PC-Suite, one of the options says “connect your device to USB cable”. At this point connect your N900, but DON’T select anything on the phone itself. I know it says MASS STORAGE and PC-Suite, just don’t select anything!

    Then follow the steps and see how it goes.

  5. blank Filip says:

    The same problem with “fwk”.

    Any solution?

  6. blank Mike says:

    Filip and Fwk – What version of firmware were you on before you started the upgrade? What version of NSU were you using?

  7. blank Bort says:

    i’ve got the same prob like Filip and Fwk :s

  8. blank urkec says:

    Nokia Software Updater has attempted to connect to the internet but has failed three times. This could be beacause of a poor-quality, slow or intermittent internet connection, or restrictions due to a firewall.

    If requested by your firewall, Nokia Software Updater needs the following applications to gain access to the internet:

    … what should I do to overcome this problem? (if Firewall off -> same problem)

  9. blank Mike says:

    Maybe you want to give a little bit more information such as version of NSU you are using, version of OS (eg. MAC, Windows XP/7), version of Nokia N900 firmware you had previously, and a short description of the error message, so that others reading your comment can perhaps help.

    You can see the version I downloaded in the screenshots. I am running in on a Windows 7 machine and my Nokia Version is in the screenshots. It really was a straight forward process with no hicups at all.

  10. blank Mike says:

    I don’t know if you have done this yet, but I just searched your error online and found the Nokia Support Discussions website and they list the solution on their site.

    It’s also something I have mentioned in my blog near the bottom. I noticed that if the USB cable is connected to early it will not work. Also check your browser, and your firewall. (turn it off for the upgrade and then turn it on). But read that website link. Seems to answer your question.

    If in doubt – Google it!

  11. blank Dennis says:

    It’s working for me now mike!,

    Didn’t change anything, just did the same i did earlier today..

    it was allready busy when i read you comment 🙂 thnx for you help but i guess the Nokia servers in Holland were just too crowded? that was also one of the options of the fault 🙂

    I could have uploaded my screenshot of the error but you wouldn’t understand it

    ps. my battery is now fully charged and earlier it was half. meaby something for the next time; ( eventhough the site says it don’t have to be full but enough to install the update )

  12. blank Mike says:

    Glad to hear it working Dennis… How you liking the new firmware? Did you have to re-install al your software? Frustratingly I had too, although it didn’t take too long. Now I am in the process of hacking the screens to get 2 extra screens as I have too many icons and applications and want them as shortcuts.

  13. blank Filip says:


    The problem is on the server of nokia, so DO THIS:

    1. Go and download the image-file of new firmware here (by giving your IMEI) (file: RX51_0585168_10.2010.19.1_001_signature.bin)

    2. Now you have downloaded the image, transfer and replace it into this path on your PC (i am a vista user) “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Service Layer\A\nsl_service_module_00001\vpls\\Products\rx-51”

    3. Finally run the Nokia Updater and follow the steps normally.

    Thats All!

  14. blank Dennis says:

    well i don’t know what went wrong now but..

    i finally downloaded the update and now it says:

    Nokia software updater can’t find your phone:

    Unconnect your phone from usb and reconnect to find your phone.

    and no matter how i do it.. without clicking on pc suite on my phone or clicking on it or usb.. it still can’t find it, but nokia pc suite finds it!

    Windows Vista 32 bit
    Nokia Software Updater v2.5.2np
    Nokia pc suite 7,1
    N900 ( RX-51 ) firmware before update: 3.2010.02.8
    N900 ( RX-51 ) firmware after update: 10.2010.19.1

    pffff hate this!

  15. blank Kjell says:

    The same problem Here in Finland. Trying to update from 3.2010.02.8 to 10.2010.19.1 But the download hangs at 3.6 MB. all firewalls and USB connections are checked, it must be a problem at Nokias Update distribution servers.

  16. blank Kjell says:

    This works..
    Download the Flasher..
    and follow instructions..

    Remeber to shutdown your N900 befor connectin by USB while holding the “u” key pressed..

  17. blank Mike says:

    Awesome, thanks for posting the solution, this will help a lot of people.

  18. blank Bort says:

    it worked 😀 too bad i lost my apps 🙁

  19. blank Mike says:

    Bort – That is what backups are for?

  20. blank Bort says:

    oke oke, i backed it up but i still haven’t got some of them now :s

  21. blank Mike says:

    Indeed. I had to re-install some applications such as Prismic, which even though were in my backup, didn’t restore. Is a bit puzzling.

  22. blank killerr23 says:

    ok, so i updated but, now, i don’t have the “more” folder anymore..any help pls?

  23. blank Mike says:

    Killer23, have you read the change log for PR1.2? – It clearly states that there is:

    No more “More” menu in application launcher, and is rearrangeable”.

    Here is the change log: – best you read it! 😉

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