There are not many bands these days that can belt out 25 songs with such pace as Bon Jovi did on Friday night. Throw in the fact that they have been around for over 26 years, have released 11 official albums, two compilation albums and 1 live album, and have sold over 120 million records, then you start to see what an incredible feat they have achieved?

This was the second Bon Jovi concert we’ve been too in the past 5 years, the other one being in Hyde Park a few years ago.

The opening act was very disappointing to say the least (The last republic), apparently hand picked by Kerrang! Radio. We don’t listen to Kerrang! Radio because they are crap and their choice of band was proof of that!  At the Hyde Park concert ‘LIVE’ were the opening act, and they were absolutely awesome, playing loads of classic songs that they have become famous for. We have all their albums so that was very special.

We went to the Bon Jovi concert on Friday night with Mike and Kerry of who are also massive Bon Jovi fans. We had seats in row Q of block 106, which were directly in line with the stage but raised over the crowd. The position and location was perfect for seeing all the action and worth the 16500 pennies in my opinion. 🙂 The O2 is a truly amazing venue for concerts.

The opening scene showed the band walking in a tunnel, similar to the cover of their latest album The Circle. The build up was immense before they lifted the electronic screens and Jon was standing there with his arms in the air singing “Happy Now”.

The two opening songs came from their latest album “The Circle”, before they launched into “You give love a bad name” and “Born to be my baby” from the Slippery when wet & New Jersey album. There was a really good mix  of music from their various albums. It must be quite tricky being Jon and deciding which song they will sing considering they have hundreds to choose from.

There were quite a few songs from the New Jersey album as this was one of their most popular albums with so many classic sing a long anthems, “Bad medicine” was awesome and part way through the tempo eased and Jon and one of the guitarist broke into a rendition of “Pretty Woman”.  Afterwards Richie Sambora sang “Lay your hands on me” by himself and then him and Jon sang the classic “I’ll be there for you”, which had the crowd going nuts and singing the chorus over and over again.

Then Jon called David and Tico onto the mini platform and they sang a few songs from “These Days” and “100 000 000 fans can’t be wrong” with only acoustic guitars, and an accordion. Tico has some sort of a box he was hitting and also had what looked like a rattler. They showed they can sing without the heavy equipment, but any die hard fan would have known that already.

I am not sure if the fancy electronic screens were theirs or part the O2 Arena, but they were cleverly used throughout the concert. There were platforms that moved up and down and the screens could be broken up into different segments and moved independently of each other adding to the atmosphere.

Below is the song list they managed to get through with ease.

  1. Happy Now (The Circle)
  2. We Weren’t Born to Follow (The Circle)
  3. You give love a bad name (Slippery when wet)
  4. Born to be my Baby (New Jersey)
  5. Radio Saved My Life Tonight (100 000 000 fans can’t be wrong)
  6. Lost Highway (Lost Highway)
  7. When We Were Beautiful (The Circle)
  8. Raise Your Hands (Slippery when wet)
  9. We’ve Got it Goin On (Lost Highway)
  10. Sleep When I’m Dead (Keep the faith)
  11. Bad Medicine /Pretty Woman (Slippery when wet) / (Roy Orbison).
  12. Lay Your Hands On Me (Richie Vocals) (New Jersey)
  13. Open All Night (Bounce)
  14. Diamond Ring (These days)
  15. I’ll Be There For You (New Jersey)
  16. Something For The Pain (These days)
  17. Someday I’ll be Saturday Night (100 000 000 fans can’t be wrong)
  18. Let it Rock  (Slippery when wet)
  19. It’s My Life (Crush)
  20. Working for the Working Man (The Circle)
  21. Who Says You Can’t Go Home (Bounce)
  22. Keep The Faith (Keep the faith)
  23. Have A Nice Day (Have a nice day)
  24. Wanted Dead or Alive (Slippery when wet)
  25. Living On A Prayer (Slippery when wet)

One particular moment I will remember well was at the beginning of the song “Wanted dead or alive”. Jon started talking about watching the football world cup and then he asked the crowd if there were any cowboys in the house? Richie and Jon then started playing the intro of the song and the crowd sang the entire intro of the song. It was a goose bump moment hearing everyone sing in unison and seeing a beautiful sun rise sillhouetting the band from behind the stage.

It was an awesome night. I’ve uploaded a few photographs into our gallery. Videos and photographs taken with our Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7. Videos shot in High Definition AVCHD lite format. Videos owned by



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  1. blank Chris says:

    The screens belong to Bon Jovi and they really do add to the show! Thanks for a great review! 🙂

  2. blank Daniel McGowan says:

    Raise Your Hands is on Slippery When Wet, not New Jersey. Research helps if your not a proper fan.

  3. blank Mike says:

    Daniel, my bad, I made the change to the post, thanks for pointing that out!

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