We witnessed the most fantastic, incredible, awesome Green Day concert at Wembley Stadium. We’ve never seen them live until tonight, but wow! was it worth the wait? Singing along to all their songs with the crowd singing in unison was an amazing feeling. Wembley Stadium as a venue for bands such as Green Day is just brilliant!

They kicked off their show at 8pm with four songs from their latest album “21st Century Breakdown”.

The crowd went ballastic. Then a few recent awesome songs from the American Idiot album and then Billie Joe got into gear singing some of the older songs from Dookie (Basket Case, When I come around, Burnout etc).

The three main band members – lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tré Cool were brilliant and played their part well and looked like they were really enjoying themselves on stage.


Billie Joe is certainly a wonderful showman and could easily get the crowd to sing and clap at his command. Even Tré Cool is a showman in his own right and quite a funny guy.

Tré sang a song or two while Billie Joe played the drums and there was a moment where the two of them went for some record by singing and dancing to the song “shout” made famous by the Isley Brothers. It was quite funny though.

The band even dressed up in drag and sang one or two songs while lying down on the stage.

Some people in the crowd went mental especially where we were standing. That can be a good or bad thing depending on what you are expecting from the concert. I personally don’t mind people jumping around if they think of others, but when they push and kick and punch just for the fun of it, then it can become a bit unpleasant. There were definitely a few English idiots in the audience.

There was a good mix of stage videos behind the band and on the side screens.

With the various lights going on the atmosphere was electrifying.

The concert went on for well over 2 and a half  hours with two encores. The last 6 songs were just incredible, with spectacular fireworks, fireballs, ticker tape even toilet paper being thrown up into the air.

Below is the playlist for the concert.

  1. Song of the Century
  2. 21st Century Breakdown
  3. Know Your Enemy
  4. East Jesus Nowhere
  5. Holiday
  6. The Static Age
  7. Give Me Novacaine
  8. Are We The Waiting
  9. St. Jimmy
  10. Blvd. of Broken Dreams
  11. Nice Guys Finish Last
  12. Burnout
  13. Waiting
  14. Geek Stink Breath
  15. Dominated Love (Slave Tre on Guitar and Vocals, Bille Joe on Drums)
  16. Hitchin’ A Ride
  17. Welcome To Paradise
  18. When I Come Around
  19. Metal-Jam Iron Man/ Sweet Child of Mine/ Highway to Hell
  20. Brain Stew
  21. Jaded
  22. Longview
  23. Basket Case
  24. She
  25. King For A Day
  26. Shout/Hey Jude/I cant get no satisfaction/Teenage Kicks/Always look on the bright side of life
  27. 21 Guns
  28. Minority


  1. American Idiot
  2. Jesus of Suburbia

Encore 2:

  1. When It’s Time (Acoustic)
  2. Wake Me Up When September Ends (Acoustic)
  3. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

33 songs in total made it one helleva good evening. If they were playing another night in London I would definitely go again.

All photos taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 and belong to lookatbowen.com



Mike is an Android man, researcher of all things good and bad, likes all wheeled sports, loves gadgets, enjoys all music, into home automation, likes Samsung, voted Brexit, enjoys talk radio, has a Brompton electric bike, drives a Tesla Model 3, is a hard worker, a passionate self-educator, crazy about drones, a gambler, blogger for over 20 years, enjoys gardening, Microsoft over Apple, an investor in stocks and cryptocurrency, a homeowner, a futurist, married for life, has family all over the world, a cat man do, loves beer, travel & life.

45 Responses

  1. blank julie says:

    Thanks for your brilliant pics and report. I was there and agree it was a fantastic evening. Nice to be able to re-live it via your site this morning. See you at the next one!

  2. blank Suzanne says:

    Yes I was there too. Best live concert I have ever seen. You have summed up the night really well.
    Well worth the trip there and I was definatley go again.

  3. blank Jordan says:

    I was there too. The mosh pit was crazy when Billie Joe parted them!

  4. blank Grae says:

    Great review and photos, I was there with my son (aged 11, his first ever concert) – and as we didn’t take a camera it was nice to see your pictures, also great to see the running order for what they played – thanks guys!

  5. blank Mike says:

    Most of my photos are from my HD Videos, which i will upload to Youtube.com once edited and clipped. They are even better. Hopefully can get this done before Glastonbury.

  6. blank Mike says:

    Most definitely one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

    More photos will be uploaded into concert gallery on our website.

    Lucky this comment is in text only and not voice. I don’t have a voice this morning, that is the sign of one awesome concert. Did you have to take the tube home? We had that slow walk to the station then another hour to Canary Wharf and then from there home.

  7. blank Mike says:

    Indeed it was. Did you see the Mosh pit that opened on the pitch just in front of the control centre? it was huge and people were going mental.

  8. blank Mike says:

    What a concert to remember and what a lucky kid you have? My first concert was Bon Jovi at Kings Park Stadium, South Africa, when I was 19 (early nineties) and I thought it was incredible. Just saw them again at the O2 nearly 18 years later and it was one of the best concerts ever, although Green Day last night was better. Better support act, better live atmosphere, better value for money.

    I will be ediing some more photos out of the HD videos. I got a load of songs as well, so soon we can re-live the atmosphere as well.

    Thanks for your comment.

  9. blank Abi says:

    It was the best night ever!
    I tell you what, I had the time of MY life!!!!
    Billie Joe is such an amazing showman and Tre Cool is a mental performer and hilarious. Mike is just the awesome legend.
    These pictures are amazing, loving that i can re-live last night from looking at them.

  10. blank Allan says:

    Great review – thanks a lot. Looking forward to your videos too. What a great evening it was!

  11. blank Zoe says:

    Don’t think I can adequately put into words just how incredible last night was. It’s the best feeling in the world to be a part of something so massive as that.
    Great photos!

  12. blank Sharen says:

    Absolutely amazing, wow! I can’t say it because my voice has gone and my ears are still ringing! Took my 20 yr old daughter, first big concert she has been to and was lucky enough to get in to the golden circle. Loved it when the young ones were brought on stage. Everyone really friendly and brilliant atmosphere. Got a whole lot more than expected! We certainly had the time of our lives….boom boom 🙂

  13. blank Joe says:

    That concert was AWESOME!! First time in Wembley for a concert and didn’t expect the atmosphere to be that amazing!!

    The highlight for me was the massive moshpit … we were going mental in our own little area, but when BJ parted the first crowd it was pretty good.. BUT … the second massive one was one to remember! I remember how that one started.. just a few of us thought we would clear a little bit of room .. then it just grew.. until the point where everyone in the square (including the guy doing handstands lol) just looked at each other.. with that look of… when can we start going mental?!?! haha

    it was an amazing concert!!

  14. blank Connor says:

    I was also there, was probably about 6 or 7 rows back from the second barrier, around the middle section and was amazing…

  15. blank duncan says:

    hi, cheers for those excellent pics and cant wait to see the vids of these. we got pretty good seats but was kinda wishing we were down there on the pitch.
    as well as being an amazing concert we were all laughing hard at them mucking about on stage, i think this was why it was such a good night.
    i loved the longview bit, that boy will remember that for the rest of his life..actually most people who was there will too!
    nice site by the way

  16. blank Swiftsure says:

    What a wicked night Green Day were imense, well worth the journey there, Cheers guys, best show i’ve ever been to!!!!

  17. blank Johan says:

    couldn’t agree more. been a greend day fan for nearly 15 years and never liked any other band any way near as much. everything they do is just perfect!! went to see them at wembley arena in november and there was no way i was gonna miss this one.

    will definately see them every time they come back to the uk!! which band in the world could be better live?? i can’t think of any..

  18. blank Alison says:

    Thanks for a fab review and amazing pictures- will look out for your video on you tube. I was there last night with my husband (our 2nd Green Day gig) and 11 year old daughter- her first ever live gig- for my 40th birthday. Fantastic night even though we had tickets way up in the top tier…my photos are just dots- yours are brilliant- thanks!!

  19. blank Stuart Langsbury says:

    I agree with all the comments. I took my 11yr old son & 2 of his mates and they watched in awe! Loved the long set although a bit stressful rushing for the last train home! I wasn’t sure how they would come across as a stadium band but they passed with flying colours!

  20. blank Beth Englaand says:

    Yeah , i Toattly agree .
    Last Night was My First Greenday Concert ,
    DEFFIANETLY not the last thats for sure !
    Me and my friend were sat really high up , and i just so wanted to be down their , with billie joe , mike and tré , but it didnt stop me from having one of the BEST nights of my life ! when they played 21 guns i burst into tears , it bought back such amazing memories for me . i really am in love with that song. one of very many for sure ! i thought that the concert at wembly was absaloutly AMAZING . i think the talent of the three of them is just .. so fantastic ! i would give my right leg , my elbow and my eyebrow just to see them again !
    I <3 GREENDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    .. and ilovee Billie joe armstrong (: <3

  21. blank me says:

    brill concert – piccies good – but disagreee with comments bout crowd…If you didnt like where you were yuo should have moved….

  22. blank Barbs says:

    Great, thanks a lot. At moments I felt like crying too. Very powerful performance; the time of MY life as well.

  23. blank Shibby Shibbert says:

    Sounds like your Wembley show was just as amazing as the Manchester one last week – best atmosphere I have ever been in…. just incredible. Glad you all loved it too. Let’s hope Billy Joe and co come back very, VERY soon !! 🙂

  24. blank Kay says:

    I like your pictures, but I am net very pleased with your review.
    in fact I am most displeased. Where I was in the crowd, there was a group of Swedish people, who too started to kick and push and kick people for no reason.
    English Idiots? remember people came from all over the place for this gig, you shouldn’t just assume all brit’s are idiots.
    And perhaps they were moshing? Green Day love to see people moshing at their shows, it’s not for no reason, it’s for fun.
    I agree with ‘me’, you should have moved if they bothered you that much, it’s what kids do these days.

  25. blank LisaSutton says:

    2nd Green Day concert for me and the best night of my whole life…getting married was a buzz, having my two boys was life changing, but seeing Billie Joe up close, nothing in the world compares to that….Im a 41yr old married mother of two who has seen 100’s of bands over the years, including 17 Who concerts (my all time favs), U2, Stones, Queen (with Freddie) was at the original Live Aid in 85, Bowie, Prince, the list goes on and on and on, but nothing, nothing compares to GREEN DAY….THE BEST LIVE BAND IN THE WORLD EVER….I LOVE YOU BILLIE JOE, I LOVE YOU GREEN DAY….COME BACK SOON, WE LOVE YOU IN ENGLAND….and as for the comments re pushing and shoving, come on, its all part of the show, if I wasnt so old and knackered and a respectable grown-up (!!!!!) I’d be down there too, pogoing and going ‘fucking crazy’ as Billie wanted us to do……its called being young and having fun…there’s always seats to sit in if you dont like the pushing, or like me and the husband, like our personal space…..GREEN DAY ROCKED, CANT WAIT FOR NEXT TIME…..XXXXX

  26. blank Yasmin says:

    Hey (:
    Your photos are pretty cool, but the review is not much of a review in my opinion, sorry :/

    I think this may simply be down to the fact that I am a HUGE Green Day fan and having tracks from American Idiot described as being ‘classics’ (as that album was from 2004 – ten years after their first really successful album) and songs from Basket Case (which is a single, not an album) is a bit irksome.

    The ‘silly song’ you referred to, where they were aiming for a record was in fact ‘Shout’ originally by The Isley Brothers, there’s another version by Lulu and Green Day do this at EVERY show.. I thought everyone knew that song…

    Also, the reason they dressed up was because they were singing a song about dressing in drag (:

    However, being English, I don’t appreciate the fact that you refer to some of the crowd as ‘English idiots’. Like others have said, if you don’t like it, you can move away (as others have suggested). But really at any show like this, mosh pits (which is what I think you were describing) are the norm, and are simply for fun with no intention of properly injuring others.

    On a lighter note, I agree entirely with the fact that this was a brilliant show – The whole band are simply amazing. I was really glad to be right at the barrier (again) and the show just blew my mind. Particularly when the played Warning. And Dominated Love Slave was just amazing (that was the other one Tre sang).

    I’m glad that you had a good time though (I know I did) and I really can’t wait until they come back already 😛

  27. blank keV says:

    I went on sat and I found it alittle strange. The reason is that this was the 12th time I have seen green day. They are my favourite band and I first saw them in London in 1994 on the dookie tour. I have seen them on every tour since and this was obviously the biggest show they have done. While they themselves are always wicked live I fnd my self finding it harder to enjoy the crowd. Like I
    say I firstbsaw them when I was 15 and the crowd back then was mainly teenage punks or slateboarders. I know thAT because they are such a great band they were always going to gain a wider audience which is cool but I just guess I feel a bit like my favourite band has been taken away from me. Selfish and silly I know but there were so many thuggish type hooligan men in the crowd sat that cannot possibly understand what this band is about. There were lots
    of mums and dads and kids which I think is kinda cool but to many muppets for my liking. I guess what I’m trying to say is while I still lve the band and m pleased
    to see a genuine great bnd with a great powerful message gaining the recognition they deserve and I will always go to
    see, give me a sweaty little London venue back in 1994/95 anytime. But hey, what a cool band, loves the inbetween bit with burnout, nice guys finish last etc. Thoughts ?
    Great review and photos by the way.
    I possibly would have enjoyed the show more if I’d been on th booze!!!
    Long live green day

  28. blank Mike says:

    Yasmin, I made a few corrections to the post, maybe classic was the wrong word, perhaps I should have used “awesome tracks from American Idiot” album. I did write this post at 4:30am so may have been a bit careless in the exact details, but so what?

    In reference to the ‘English Idiots’ comment, it was a clever play of words which fittingly described the group of kids kicking and punching the women and children who were standing in a crowd near us. One of them being my wife and yes she did move but that is not the point!

    As I said in the post, I am all for people having fun, going mental in a mosh pit, if the fun is not injuring others in the process. There is a big difference!

  29. blank ChurchilL says:

    this review has angered me a little bit!

    i was at wembley in the golden circle bit due to hours of queueing but well worth it and i also saw them at milton keynes (bullet in a bible gig) and in birmingham nec recently.

    the fact you are complaining about people pushing and punching its all part of a green day gig. in the golden circle (front area) where i was it went absolutely mental circle pits all night and everyone and i mean everyone was friendly if you fell down people picked you up helping people who wanted to move backwards you just have to roll with the punches if someones jumping around they are going to move and knock into others it a proven fact! if you dont like being knocked around a little bit then dont go in the main crowd. its like you going on log flume and moaning about wet!

    and the british idiots comment! i was enjoying myself with germans and italians and we all had a ball. so dont tar us all with the same brush

  30. blank Beverley says:

    This is the 2nd time I have seen greenday but this time I took my 11year old son – it was his first ever gig and man did he enjoy it. Even though some people got arsey when his dad put him on his shoulders. I did want to say get a grip but just could not be bothered with the miserable sods. Anyway, yet again the gig was amazing. I am so glad they played tracks from international superhits as well as the later stuff. The whole of the band are real showmen who seem to really enjoy the whole experience, they never appear to be going through the motions to make a few quid. Yet again they didn’t disapoint. Fantastic gig guys, bring on the next one. Would be nice if they did a couple of smaller gigs on their way back to the states. We can but hope.
    The only downside to the whole day were the police. I know they are there to do a job but come on a bit of polite conversation would not have hurt them. We ended up being shephered to wembley park station when we wanted to catch a bus, which was slightly annoying to say the least. I can’t imagine what it is like there on match day. Still nothing, but nothing took away the fact that greenday are one of the most awesome live bands on the planet. Keep on making the music guys and come back to the uk soon.

  31. blank KC says:

    I look forward to your videos 🙂 post soon please!

  32. blank ChurchilL says:

    Moshing refers to the act in which audience members at live music performances push and/or slam into each other for the purpose of fun activity and in a non-hateful way! so anyone who were pushing were involved in a mosh pit! a circle pit is where a clear circle appears and people usually run around in a circle and others just jump around in it! a wall of death is where the crowd seperates and the 2 halfs run into each other braveheart style.

    all 3 occured at wembley for green day!

    so your legs or arms didnt make contact with anyone all gig? if they did you could also define this as “punching and kicking”

    if it happens to me and im not involved i just think well they are enjoying themselves!

    what other gigs have you been to out of intrest?

  33. blank Rockgeek says:

    This is without doubt the worst pile of crfap I’ve had the misfortune to read

    It’s like you asked a door mat to recite the work of a retarded nursery school child. You tell us stuff that’s eithger of no interest or is glaringly obvious to any fan of this pop band.

    The confirmatory bias behind the replies are sick

  34. blank Lynne says:

    Best concert I’ve ever been to – amazed the way they got everyone up on their feet, so much fun, they had such a great time, so did I! I still haven’t got my voice back! Lets not spoil memories of a spectacular evening by bickering guys!

  35. blank Mike says:

    Videos are now posted. When I get back from Glastonbury I will do the rest! 🙂

  36. blank Rockgeek says:

    Deleting comments that don’t agree with your quite frankly, childish and pathetic blog? You must have the mental capacity of a 3 year old turd

  37. blank Tracey says:

    We had an amazing time… your review was terrible… Such ignorance.

  38. blank Charles says:

    As a present for his graduation my son Joey (named after Joey Ramone) we travelled from Holland to Wembley. I saw hundreds of concerts, but the Green Day concert was one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

  39. blank andrea mussell says:

    i travelled from preston to watch green day and they were amazing loved every minute of the concert includin seeing frank turner and joan jett 😀 xxxxxxxx

  40. blank jonny says:

    did no one think frank turner the support act was awesome? found 2 of his 3 solo albums in HMV. Fantastic stuff 🙂

  41. blank Themighti Estpen says:

    A truly awesome gig! I managed to get within four rows of the stage!!

    To the fool who said “If they had cut out all the messing around between songs, they would have been finished in two hours”; Duh!!! It’s called audience interaction. And it is what makes a Green Day gig so special – they don’t just go through the motions!!!

    And lastly a plea: does anyone have an audio recording of the gig?? I went to see them at the Birmingham LG Arena last year and got a brilliant download of that, but can’t find anything for Wembley. Can anyone help? Will trade for the LG one of course….

  42. blank Andy says:

    Great photos.

    They let us (who were ‘up in the Gods’) see what it was like from the stadium floor!

    Great night.


    See http://andydaly.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/green-day-wembley-stadium-19th-june-2010

  43. blank kev jones says:

    i think the entire show was fantastic…the energy put in by all the bands was amazing, especially considering Greenday had been on the road 2/3’s of the year, possibly the best show i have ever seen. cant wait for the next time!!

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