What do you get when you combine the Nokia E72 with the Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth headphones?

Elegance and style and an awesome sound experience.

I was amazed how good my music sounded through the Bluetooth headphones. I have had the Nokia BH-905 headphones for 9 months and use them daily with my Nokia N900. Today was the first time I have paired them with the Nokia E72 and the sound was immense. I had to turn the volume down on the headphones and the phone was already on 1 bar above mute. In fact they were much clearer and louder than my N900 if I have to be honest. That was a pleasant surprise.

Once connected or paired the headphones buttons will work with “most” media applications on the E72:

  • The default music player works perfectly. Navigating forward and backward through a playlist, pausing, stopping and playing songs all work really well.
  • Likewise for the video player, all buttons work as intended. Holding the fast forward or rewind buttons down for longer than a second moves the film forward or backwards slowly at first then it goes fast. You can see this happening on the screen. In the video playlist one can use the forward and back buttons on the headphones to move down or up the list of videos. Pressing play and the video starts up. (very clever, a truly hands free experience).
  • In Real player the controls again work perfectly. There is a demo video called “Miniature” and the sound is absolutely awesome in relation to the video.
  • I tried them out on the Radio application. The FM Radio only works if one connects a wired headset. This is because the aerial is in the cable. Kind of pointless for a bluetooth headphone don’t you think?
  • However the Internet Radio worked perfectly, although you would need to use your data connection for this and the radio is only available while you are within range of a mobile phone mast. All the button functions on the right headphone worked great.
  • I tried the voice recorder but discovered you need to manully press the record button and the stop button on the phone. Naturally one can play back the sound through the headphones but there is no controlling the audio with the headphone buttons.

I just so happened to receive a phone call from my wife today while I was listening to some music and the music was briefly paused while the phone was ringing through the headphones. One then has a choice to accept the call by pressing the function button on the headphones, or ignoring the call and sending it off to voice mail.

I noticed the sound was crystal clear and in stereo. I am told the clarity of my voice was good and there was no surrounding noise. I have the noise cancelling (ANC button) on by default, and one can talk freely without distraction. Of course everyone around you thinks you are a madhatter talking to yourself out aloud. 😉

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