I hate SPAM emails from companies who think it’s okay to send monthly or quarterly newsletters to previous customers even when they have specifically asked them not to send newsletters.

One such company is best of the best. Best of the Best Plc display luxury cars as competition prizes in rented retail space within airport terminals. (no more advertising for these spammers). I have unsubscribed from their newsletter multiple times over the past three years, yet William Hindmarch, their managing director & founder keeps sending out SPAM emails in the form of a newsletter.

Below was the online form I received in January 2009 after I unsubscribed for the third time.

At the same time I asked the following question on my blog “Is it possible to unsubscribe from an email newsletter?” and guess who I mentioned back then?

Yet, incredibly in the past two months I have received two newsletters from these spammers and both came from William. William, can I suggest you have a chat with your newsletter or mailing team and mention to them the term “CAN-SPAM Compliance”. At the same time get them to either remove the unsubscribe instructions or make it clearer that previous customers will be spammed regardless of unsubscribing or not!

Here is the latest form showing that I have been successfully unsubscribed from their silly database.

The text that appears directly above the motor cars says:

You will no longer receive marketing information from news@news.botb.com nor competition results and announcements from info@service.botb.com – We are really sorry to see you go, your email address has been automatically removed from our database.
If you have unsubscribed in error, please log in to your account and re-subscribe.

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