The answer is YES, but only one mobile can do both functions really well and that is the Nokia N8.

The Nokia N8 appears on a lot of mobile phone, gadget websites and that is because it’s one of the latest Smartphones to be released by Nokia. I received my trial N8 from the wonderful people over at WOMWorld/Nokia on Monday and have been getting use to it over the past couple of days. Full specifications are on the Nokia website. There are lots of N8 reviews online and here are a few websites that have covered the Nokia N8 in great detail; The Nokia Blog, The, MobileMentalism, TrustedReviews, All about Symbian etc.

The obvious selling point for the N8 is the 12MP Carl Zeiss Tessar Auto Focus Lens with Xenon flash. The photo quality is incredible and it is difficult to comprehend that a Smartphone can take such great photographs.  I have few ‘point and shoot’ cameras from top brand names and can honestly say the Nokia N8 takes better photographs than them at certain settings. It’s a pity Nokia didn’t add a 3x optical zoom. That would have been the cherry on the top.

But wait, the N8 has one more awesome trick up it’s sleeve and that is it can record High Definition (HD quality) 720p resolution video in a 16:9 format. Videos are captured in 720p 25 frames per second (fps) with codecs H.264, MPEG-4.

So I decided to put the HD video camera to the test and shot a two minute video of my Tonkinese kitten Bailey, playing catch with a squeaky mouse. (Everyone loves a cat video). 🙂
Note: you can change the resolution on the YouTube video (360p, 480p and 720p HD)…

It is incredible to think that a mobile phone (Nokia N8) shot this video.

If I were to rate both video and camera I would give them an 8 out of 10. If the camera had a 3x optical zoom and if the xenon flash was a bit more powerful, then I would most certainly give a 10/10. They are that good!

Below is a photograph I took this morning (Friday) after the snow stopped but the big freeze set in.

Bailey the resident video star and Tamsin (Miss I sleep all day) sitting on the bed.

It is really GREAT being a cat in the Bowen household. Sleep all day, eat food, stink the cat litter out and then keep us awake at night. What a life? 😉

Which brings me nicely to the next point?

Nokia UK have this fantastic competition which started on Thursday 2nd December. It’s called Nokia N8 Producers. They want anyone with a N8 to shoot an incredible video with their phone and then to submit it on the site.

Capture your skills in action or tell the story you always wanted, share it with the world and you could be on your way to an amazing Zero Gravity experience! We will be sending the eight best producers along with one lucky friend each into Zero G!

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  1. blank Benjamin says:

    i thought u meant taking 12MP still photo while shooting HD video.

  2. blank shinoy says:

    nice camera

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