Buying a DSLR camera can be a scary experience when one considers there are over a twenty camera & lens manufacturers with hundreds of different models, and hundreds of different camera lenses of all shapes and sizes. LensHero makes choosing your lens easy.

TWO steps are all that are needed.

The site asks you to enter your digital camera manufacturer, and as one types, a list of models appears in a drop down. Pick the digital camera and then use the slider to determine your budget. (The slider goes all the way up to £17990, a dream budget for most).

Pick the type of lens you want by selecting the style of photography you are interested in. (macro, close-up, wide angle, telephoto, fisheye, tilt-shift, portrait, sports & action, landscape, travel and wildlife or all types).

Or select the zoom tab and use the slider bar at the bottom to select the zoom range you are interested in. The two thumbnails change as the sliders are moved showing you exactly how your photograph zoom will look. (Nice).

Or click on the suggest tab, and tell LensHero what lenses you have already and then hit the GO button and it will suggest a lens for you.

Here is what LensHero suggested for me, which was spot on and one of the lenses I am interested in.

On the same page I can see the lens, the price, compatibility and even a location and price where I can get the lens (brilliant).

There is a link to a more detailed page, which contains a user review, the pros and cons, a compatibility list with other cameras, the specifications of the lens and an area for discussion. The entire information one would need, all in one place.

Finally, if you don’t want to use the easy 2 step approach, they also have a list by manufacturer, type, lens mount and by camera.

This is a great website. If you are looking for a DSLR, why not try out their sister site called snapsort. A similar idea for digital cameras.



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