My previous post highlighted the CON taking place over at, whereby it is imposible to get the Online Price quoted if one has chosen Monthly as the paying option in the questionaire.

So I gave up with and visited and what do you know? They are in bed with as the exact same CON is taking place here as well. I am willing to bet all the Online Insurance companies are running the same CON on their websites. If I had the time I would look deeper into this annoying industry. It’s not surprising that most of the Insurance companies offering car insurance get a very poor user review rating.

However, websites such as & are meant to be offering a service whereby the price they display is the price you pay, which is not the case. It is all false advertising. I am logging a complaint with the BBC Watchdog. Perhaps they can investigate further.

Here is another example of the CON.

How would you normally pay your Insurance (Monthly or In Full)? – Monthly:

Check out the big blue heading and big blue price. That is telling me, that is the price I am going to pay and in small writing the monthly instalments. Clicking the More details button shows you a summary and again the ONE OFF PAYMENT is nice and large OR I can pay monthly. (You see the note below icon – well that is a link that doesn’t load, the page just says loading forever – how convenient?).

Clicking BUY ONLINE NOW takes you to the Kwik Fit website where one is only given the option to PAY MONTHLY. (How strange when the previous page shows the ONE OFF PAYMENT).

  • How does one get to pay the Price in blue of £354.62?
  • Why advertise the online price if it’s impossible to purchase?
  • The saying is “the Price you see is the price you pay”, yet on that is not the case.

How would you like to pay? – In full (once off payment):

The price shot up £28 but at least I am seeing the price I am going to pay. There is absolutely no point showing me the Monthly installments because I have already set the questionaire to In Full, yet on the Kwik Fit website when you are about to pay, you get the option to either pay In Full or Monthly.



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