Here is one brilliant application created by Dany-69. You can download it from the Maemo.Org. It’s called MaeModder and basically one can modify a whole bunch of things on your N900 with very little effort. In a way Dany-69 has made modding your N900 a lot less stressful because beforehand one would need to run a lot of scripts via the x-terminal window. There will still be a lot of people who prefer to run scripts (myself included), but this application makes life a lot easier.

I particularly like the MAG Hildon-Desktop mod. It makes the menus and scrolling of icons a whole lot smoother and the kenetic scrolling is an absolutely pleasure to use.
NB: If you are running the Advanced Hildon-Desktop, you will need to uninstall it, reboot and then install the MAG Hildon-Desktop to get it to work.

Another super mod is the Multidesktop. It  gives you the option to install up to 9 desktops. I have covered how to do this in a previous post (How to have nine sexy desktops on your N900?) through the X-terminal using scripts, but trust me, this is a lot easier and a lot less stressful. Another advantage of Multidesktop is the ability to change your backgrounds for each of the desktops. This is a pain via scripts.

If you want to over clock your N900, it’s now really easy. Click on the Frequencies Manager button and select one of the clock frequencies. I currently have mine running at 850Mhz. It’s quick and it runs really stable. If you are not happy with 850Mhz, you can can drop it or increase it with ease!

There are  other ways one can set up icons to match the clock frequencies. You would need to install an application called Queen Beacon, which is a N900 widget. As you can see below I have four widgets that can control my clock frequency. The one in the middle with the + and – is called maxCPU, and the three icons on the left side in red, green and turquoise are my Queen Beacon widgets. One press and the clock frequency changes accordingly. You can also see below I am using the Homescreen selector widget. (the little mini screens at the bottom), when clicked on take one to the screen  immediately. (No scrolling left or right).

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