What are the chances of bumping into someone you know on the London Underground or tube? Surprisingly it has happened quite a few times over the years because London is surprisingly small. There are only 7.5 million people living in London, and the majority of those people use the tube or public transport every day.

According to the DLR website close to sixty thousand people use the DLR per day, where as nearly 3 million use the London Underground per day.

So then with those pointless statistics in mind and a few more to consider….

What are the chances of getting on the tube, getting a seat at rush hour, sitting down, looking up and seeing your husband sitting exactly opposite you on the train? It happened to Jo and I this evening on the way home, but what are the chances when you have all these other factors in play?

Mike Jo
Departed Work on foot at: 18:14 18:08
From: 33 Cannon Street near St Pauls to Bank Station. The Monument to the Monument Station.
Queued or waited for train underground: 20 minutes at barriers at Bank Station (upper levels) 10 minutes underground at Bank DLR Station
Route: Bank Station to London Bridge (Northern Line) Bank Station to Herons Quay (DLR)
London Bridge to North Greenwich (Jubilee Line) Canary Wharf to North Greenwich (Jubilee Line)
Seat Location on train: Third carriage from the back, 2 seats from the door on the tunnel side Third carriage from the back, 2 seats from the door on the station side

It freaked us out because we travelled different routes, on different trains, left at different times and walked amongst thousands of different people and yet somehow Jo picked the exact same train, and the exact same coach at Canary Wharf Station and promptly sat down exactly opposite me. One could not have scripted it better.



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  1. Stranger things have happened and are happening all the time. It’s called synchronicity. Deepak Chopra has written a book about making this sort of thing happen more often – drawing synchronicity into your life to make it more meaningful. Very interesting.

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