I remember my Dad showing me how to ride a motor bike. He use to harp on about how to use the brakes.

Mick, you must use both the front and back brakes together, but never use the front brakes on their own.

To this day I remember those words because my first and only motor bike accident was caused by not heeding those simple words.

life scarI got this scar 22 years ago when I was young lad, after taking my Dads motor bike for a spin on a dirt road. I was coming down the hill and mis-judged the power of the front breaks. The front wheel skidded, and I went over the handle bars and slid down the gravel road. The road was made of gravel marbles.  It didn’t help that I was wearing slip slops and short pants and a t-shirt at the time and no gloves.  I picked the bike up, which was a little worse for wear and luckily it started first time. I rode back home thinking how my Dad was going to kill me for damaging his bike. I didn’t feel much pain, although I could see my little toe was hanging by the skin and my hands and fingers were bleeding from various grazes. When I got home he knew immediately what had happened, and did say anything, just escorted me to the car and drove me to the hospital. The doctor sowed my toe back on my foot and cleaned up my hands.

The real problem was my outer thigh, which I had not noticed because it was covered by my shorts. My thigh had taken the brunt of the gravel road and was littered with tiny sharp stones.  The doctor washed it with a brush to clean it, and picked out as many of the little stones as possible. After that it was bloody sore. He then they put some anti-septic paste over the wound and covered it with a gore like material. Each day for many weeks, I had to go to the doctors surgery and the nurse removed the gore and put a clean gore on in its place. It was literally like peeling off the scab every day.  Not a pleasant experience.

I don’t remember my Dad ever getting cross about the accident. I am guessing now he thought the removal of the gore each day was punishment enough.

There are still small stones under the skin, which cause the skin to flare up. Normally on a hot day or if I am in hot water.  So there you have it. It has been a very good reminder over the years to me whenever I ride a motor bike or bicycle about how to use both front and back breaks together and to ride with some sort of protection whether it is on the feet, legs or head.

R.I.P. Dad.



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